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    Company Number:22239068
    Packaging:Display box
    Quantity: 12
    Inner boxes: 2
    Gross Weight:17 KG
    Net Weight: 12.5 KG
    Outside Box Volume:0.258 cbm
    Carton volume: 9.096 cuft
    Carton size:87*37*80 cm
    Packing size:35*18.5*28.3 cm
    • 【3 IN1 MUSICAL INSTRUMENT】This is a full-featured musical toy with 3 main instruments: piano keyboard, rhythm drum set, electronic xylophone. When you hit the drum, you can hear the wonderful sound, and when you see the flash, it looks cool. What’s more, you can choose a lot of background music, and your baby will play for hours.
    • 【3 DRUMMING MODES】Drum mode: Jazz drum and african drum; Music mode: 9 drum songs & 3 beats;Gopher: fun gopher game with different difficulty.
    • 【4 MODES OF PLAYING ELECTRONIC XYLOPHONE】Piano mode: piano tone; Xylophone mode: Xylophone tone; Animal mode: 7 animal sounds; Digital mode: 1-8 digital pronunciation.
    • 【5 TYPES OF PIANO KEYBOARD MODES】Piano mode: piano tones; Roll mode: piano keys with corresponding scale tones; Trumpet mode: trumpet tones; Guitar mode: guitar tones; Color mode: 8 colors.
    • 【GOOD TOY FOR LEARNING AND GROWING UP】Babies can recognize animal sounds through animal mode, learn to speak numbers through digital mode, and learn to play piano / drum / xylophone through music mode, which is conducive to learning, enhances the baby’s eye-hand coordination ability, and cultivates Interest in music.

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