Fingears Magnetic Rings Price From Manufacturer | 2020 New Amazon
fingears magnetic ring factory

Fingears Magnetic Rings Price From Manufacturer | 2020 New Amazon

What is Fingears Magnetic Ring Toys?

This magnetic ring will immediately calm you down and have a decompression effect. This is a ring with magical magic that can instantly make your stress disappear

According to expert research, the pressure of more and more young people around the world is increasing sharply, which has a great impact on life & work. The number of people who suffer from heart disease due to the pressure increase is more than 2million.

That is why this Anti-stress magnetic ring will be hot sale!

The magic ring that can reduce your stress in your study & work, just need you to wear it and turn it on your fingertips, you can see its magic effect.

Anti-stress magnetic ring
Anti-stress magnetic ring

Feature of Fingears Magnet Ring Toys Feature

  • Relieve stress ,3 to 5 minute average spins greatly fit for fidgety hands,These anti-stress magnetic rings will calm you immediately.
  • Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun, also effective for focus and deep thought with using this magic ring
  • It’s a simple and enjoyable gift

How to Play it?

How to Find this Manufacturer of magnetic rings fidget toy?

What is the Factory Price for the fingears magnetic rings?

display box

Factory Price : 1.3USD per Unit

1 unit = 3pcs/box

Carton =216 unit


GW/NW = 11kg/9kg

card pack with display

Factory Price : 1.21USD per Unit

1 unit = 3pcs/box

Carton =192 unit


GW/NW = 11kg/9kg

fingears magnetic rings buy

This is factory price directly from China manufacturer, without shipping cost.

if you are interested to buy this toys in wholesale, please leave the message blow and we contact you about the buying.

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