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    What is an Educational Toys?

    Educational toys, in simple terms, are entertainment toys for the purpose of education. In the early days, it was mainly educational toys. In recent years, with the development of social economy and other aspects, individual toys with educational characteristics and educational significance have been brought into the education of traditional classrooms.The introduction of these toys can play a certain role in promoting children’s learning. Such as stimulating children’s interest, exploration, hands-on and other aspects of ability development.

    Educational Toys Category

    discovery education science toys

    Discovery Education Science Toys

    These learning toys are constructed in such a way that children are able to improve their dexterity and hand-eye coordination the more they play with them.


    Educational Baby Toys

    Play is essential for overall baby development, learning and wellbeing. At this age, play is about interacting and letting babies lead play.

    Early Learning Educational Toys

    Early Learning Educational Toys

    I think babies can be cultivated from an early age

    Blocks Eucational Toys

    Building blocks require children to pick up and move the blocks with their hands, helping to develop fine motor skills.

    Educational Toys and Puzzles

    Puzzles develop memory skills, as well as an ability to plan, test ideas and solve problems.

    childcraft educational toys

    Childcraft Educational Toys

    Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one's own hands.

    educational construction toysv

    educational construction toys

    Construction toys provide understanding of how pieces fit together and encourages comprehension of differing directions, shapes, and spaces.

    Wooden Educational Toys

    Wooden Educational Toys

    A toy made of natural materials

    Literacy & Numeracy educational toys

    Literacy & Numeracy Educational Toys

    Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write, whereas numeracy refers to the ability to understand simple math concepts. Both are essential skills needed in day-to-day life.

    How We Work

    educational toys worker
    educational toys worker
    education toys factory

    All of our products will undergo a thorough inspection before shipping in order to ensure that our customers receive high-quality goods.

    educational export company
    educational toys certificate

    All the educational toys we supply can pass certficate like CPC, EN71 (CE), GCC certficate.

    Why Choose Us?

    #1 Cost savings 

    You can obtain the greatest pricing by placing a large order all at once. Shipping costs can be significantly reduced by transporting products in a full container.

    #2 Various Items

    Our toy types are quite comprehensive, and 5000+ real factories work as the backbone of the supply chain.

    #3 Low Order Quantity
    You might place a smaller order to test the market if your company is new.

    #4 accept customization

    #5 fast delivery


    Why Buy Educational Toys Online

    Do you want to buy toys for your current store or do you want to create a new toy store?You made the proper decision by going with wholesale; buying items in bulk from China will enable you to launch a toy store or work as a foreign supplier or wholesaler while saving a ton of money.Additionally, we have a wide variety of toys that provide you a variety of possibilities. Even if you grow your business locally, we can still assist you in placing your order in China and seeing it through to delivery.

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    How to Order Online Wholesale Educational Toys from Us?

    1. Make a Enquiry

    Customers need to provide pictures of the products they need.  we will send you the detailed information of this product and the product price,then I will help you place an order, pick up the goods, inspect them, and ship them to help you solve the problem. many problems.

    We will update the product catalog from time to time, if you need to recommend a product, I can send it to you.

    1. Talk to Us

    Our team will respond within 24 hours to your enquiry. If you send us a product picture, we will provide you with the detailed information of the product (package, size, color).

    1. Confirm your Order

    Once you confirm the order, we will check the style, quantity, price with you,We will send you our proforma invoice,And confirm the payment method, date and delivery date with you

    1.  Order to be Delivered

    Our team is working hard to get your items shipped to you as soon as possible. And will keep you informed of the delivery status of the item.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Educational toys will usually enhance a child’s learning through developing their logic and problem solving skills, encouraging communication skills, refining motor skills and nurturing their creativity.

    Normal toys and educational toys

    The basic difference between a normal and an educational toy lies in their use. A normal toy is particularly created for children’s use with no specific intention of teaching or educating the child. Even the objects are natural with no specific design to stimulate or develop any skill.

    A minimum order quantity of 1-5 cartons is generally required.

    Purchase at least one month in advance, Because it takes a certain amount of time from product selection, order placement, and delivery to your country.

    Of course, you can send me your custom design, (package, logo, and other information)

    Our Product Reviews

    This is too cute! My 6 yr old granddaughter was so delighted with it. She plays with it over and over. Fun activity to do as a family or one on one with child. Prettier than pictures can show! Will be on gift list for other children this coming holiday.
    educational toys customer review (3)
    These puzzles are perfect as now this allows them to put together a shape such as a garbage truck! We went over a few times and than was able to visualize the puzzle with where they went!!! She did it on the first try! Soooo proud of her! There are a few different puzzles in the box! Buy it!!!!
    educational toys customer review (1)
    Kids love it, good material, need to order more now.
    educational toys customer review (4)
    We had gotten this for our two year old daughter with the hope that it would help with her speech development more. This wall chart has completely exceeded our expectations! The chart is very straightforward and easy to use for our daughter with clear letters, pictures and numbers. Our daughter has now made it a daily routine to walk up to the chart and turn it on, sounding out the letters and pictures as she moves through it. There’s already been a clear improvement in her vocabulary from using this chart. Highly recommended for your little one!
    educational toys customer review (2)