Best Toys Buying Agent Company
- How to Help You Import Toys Wholesale

Many buyers need to find toy manufacturer and suppliers, and they look for a Toys Buying Agent to help them complete their purchase in a one-stop process. But once a buyer finds a toy supplier, they still need to go through the process of ordering, paying, inspecting, and shipping. Here we look at what is a good toys buying agent and tips of choosing the best toys sourcing agent.

#1 what is toys buying agent and their service?

A Toys buying agent, is a service company that takes care of the entire sourcing process for you by finding a toy supplier or toy manufacturer through various channels and getting a quotation. They offer sourcing, order fulfillment, payment processing, quality assurance, and shipping.

Below is their working process:

1.1 Finding toys suppliers by toysbuyingagent

The sourcing process will begin after toysbuyingagent receives the buyer’s specifications for the product, which is the most important step.

Usually, the sourcing agent will have their own supplier sourcing channels like toys wholesale makret to help overseas buyers find more product suppliers and quotation forms. (Some ways to find toy suppliers are summarized here). The quotation will have product pictures, product parameters, unit price, order quantity, product weight and volume. A good quotation should be the one that the buyer will see right away.

toys buying Agent Service

1.2 Follow order

Once the quotation is sent to the buyer and the buyer accepts all the information about the product and wants to place an order, the buying agent will start to follow the order. Then the agent will sign a purchase contract with the supplier and the factory will start to arrange production and delivery. During this process, the supplier will communicate with the agent if there is any situation to achieve normal delivery of the order.

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1.3 Quality control & inspection

In order to ensure that the buyer gets the goods they expect, the agent arranges for quality control and inspection, and when the order is placed, the agent gets the original samples from the supplier as standard samples for final inspection. When the supplier delivers the goods to the sourcing agent’s warehouse, the warehouse staff will open the boxes of the supplier’s goods and conduct random inspections. They will make sure that the product meets the order requirements before accepting it, and if they are unlucky enough to find anything wrong with the product, such as color or size, the agent will inform the buyer and see if they will return the goods or accept the supplier’s discounted price for the goods.

1.4 Payment

The buyer will transfer the total amount together to the toys agent, who will convert the USD to RMB and pay the factory. Of course, this payment is made to the supplier after confirming that the order is all in order. So even if you have more than one supplier’s goods, you only need to arrange one payment.

1.5 Shipping

You can choose your own shipping agent, or you can ask the agent to find a shipping company for you. They will help you to collect the goods in the warehouse and then arrange for the loaders to load the containers.

#2 What toys they can arrange sourcing for you?

toys buying market
toys buying agent

They can help you find the right supplier for almost all children’s products including children’s toys, party items, and children’s products. You can send them your reference product pictures, inform them of your product requirements such as purchase quantity, packaging requirements, etc. More details will help them better find the right toy products.

You can even ask them what are the hottest products right now. A professional sourcing agent will give you some toys catalogs for reference.

Toys are a big product category, with sub-categories such as baby toys, educational toys, plush toys, Doll toys, wooden toys, squishies toys, RC car toys, ride on car and the very popular fidget toys.

#3 What is a good China sourcing agents?

There are many sourcing agents in China, so what is a good sourcing agent company and how to choose one?

Based on our years of experience, we have summarized the following points

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3.1 Honesty

Since the agent is charging you a commission, they are not required to mark up the quoted unit price to cover their profit. A trustworthy agent will send you the best deal straight from the factory.

3.2 Effective communication and speaking in English

Perhaps you’ll inquire as to whether there is a poor English-speaking buying agent.

In fact, I’ll tell you that there are, in the actual situation.

You will discover that some employees of China sourcing agents really do not speak English well through email or instant messaging, which can easily result in errors in order information and raise the cost of communication.

3.3 The capacity to find suppliers

A good business can assist you in finding the ideal match for your toy suppliers. They have a variety of toy factories, so even if their primary facility does not have the item you seek, they will use other resources to shop around for the best offer.

3.4 Have professional knowledge of toy products

I think this is very important, if you need to buy toys, then you’d better find a professional toys buying agent. First of all, they have special knowledge of the products, so they can figure out how to solve any problems in the production process of the factory. Secondly, they know the overseas toy market and know which products are currently hot and can recommend them to you. Thirdly, they know the certification of toys, for example, how to apply for CE certification for toy products, and how to apply for CPC certificate for Amazon toy sellers.

#4 How is the China sourcing agent fees

Toys buying sourcing

China sourcing agents typically charge 5–10% of the order total as their commission income, depending on the complexity of the order. For example, if your order total is $10,000 USD, their commission will be between $500 and $1,000 USD. There are some agents who only charge 1% to 2% commission, but we advise against choosing one of them because they will have to raise the price of the product for you because 1% to 3% is insufficient to cover their company’s costs.

You can look for TonySourcing company, a reputable toy buying agent, if you want to purchase toys from China for a reasonable price. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like more information.

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