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Sourcing Kids Items From Manufacturer At Best Price?

Just send us the Kid’s items require, and we will get you the best manufacturer price and provide a one-stop supply. ALL-IN-ONE service: get competitive prices, follow up on production, and ensure quality and delivery.



4 Step to follow up

After you’ve submitted your inquiry, we will provide you with a quote within two days. It’s possible we will give you several quotes, including a 100% product match and a similar item for reference.

Plan to visit Chinese toy markets (YIWU TOYS MARKET and SHANTOU TOYS MARKET) to check samples or do market research. We provide one-stop service to make your trip an easy one..

Once you confirm the item order, we’ll start to follow up to make sure you receive quality and design that meet your expectations.

Collect your goods and perform an inspection in a warehouse provided by us. All goods will leave China after they pass the QC (Quality Control).

9+ business tips when SOURCING product from China suppliers

#1 where to find a supplier?
#2 How to Verify Supplier?
#3 Ask certification if you need
#4 Trade terms (Incoterms Rules)
#5 Check Price – to match the quality
#6 Communicate all the details clearly
#7 Contact someone with a good sale
#8 Ask for Sample
#9 Can You Buy Copyright Items or Not?

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TonySourcing Service

Toy Sourcing

We’re experts at managing the process of buying toys imported from China. Send us any kind of toys requriement and we will arrange sourcing for you

China Market Guide

China Toys market visit business trip: Market guide; Market translate and record; Special requirement (like test report, OEM); Price list report sends by Email.

Amazon Resource

One-Stop Supply for Amazon Toys. Souring- Order- Inspection - Prep - Ship to Amazon FBA directly

Yiwu Toys agent

Yiwu toy market has 2,250 toys suppliers with a business area of ​​over 20,000 square meters. it is China’s largest toy distribution center here.

Shantou Toys Agent

Shantou City Chenghai District is a famous area for Toys, with more than 12000 toys factory. Chenghai toys have been exported to more than 140 country around the world.

Sourcing Toys From Manufacturer?​

Save 30% cost – Various Toys & Hobby Option – Fast response

just let us know what toys & hobby you need,
our sourcing manager will contact you within 24hours.