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As a best board games wholesale suppliers, play-together toys supplies a wide range of board game for kids. We have the most popular and unique toys for boys and girls of all ages. Find out what’s trending, and take advantage of the wholesale price.



Item No.: TIAA017

MSRP:  $65

Wholesale Price:  $42

Feature: 30+ building mold, Premium quality


Product from Board Games Wholesale Suppliers

stacked blocks

Item No.: TIAA001

  • MSRP:  $6.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $1.94
  • Feature: /

Item No.: TIAA002

  • MSRP:  $6.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $1.94
  • Feature: /
Stacking Games

Item No.: TIAA003

  • MSRP:  $5.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $1.74
  • Feature: /
Tic Tac Tongue

Item No.: TIAA004

  • MSRP:  $5.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $1.8
  • Feature: /
Thin ice

Item No.: TIAA005

  • MSRP:  $8.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $2.46
  • Feature: /
Flashlighting Find It Out

Item No.: TIAA007

  • MSRP:  $11.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $3.69
  • Feature: /
Wooden Six-deck Pulley

Item No.: TIAA008

  • MSRP:  $22.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $7.47
  • Feature: /
Magic Blocks

Item No.: TIAA009

  • MSRP:  $3.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $1
  • Feature: /
bingo lotto

Item No.: TIAA010

  • MSRP:  $12.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $5.12
  • Feature: /
Diy Painting

Item No.: TIAA011

  • MSRP:  $12.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $4.2
  • Feature: with painting pen

Item No.: TIAA012

  • MSRP:  $12.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $2.3
  • Feature: 
Romino Game

Item No.: TIAA013

  • MSRP:  $9.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $1.5
  • Feature: /

Item No.: TIAA014

  • MSRP:  $6.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $2.2
  • Feature: /
A Set Pinball

Item No.: TIAA015

  • MSRP:  $19.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $6.2
  • Feature: /

Item No.: TIAA016

  • MSRP:  $29.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $10
  • Feature: /
Muti-Function Kitchen Sink

Item No.: TIAA018

  • MSRP:  $23.88
  • Wholesale Price:  $7.7
  • Feature: /
Balloon launcher

Item No.: TIAA019

  • MSRP:  $12.9
  • Wholesale Price:  $4.4
  • Feature: /
Bead Orbit

Item No.: TIAA020

  • MSRP:  $5.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $0.95
  • Feature:  new fidget
DIY Wearable Toys

Item No.: TIAA022

  • MSRP:  $9.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $3.32
  • Feature: /
Shopping car series

Item No.: TIAA023

  • MSRP:  $18.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $6.1
  • Feature: /
Mircowave Play-set

Item No.: TIAA024

  • MSRP:  $18.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $5.72
  • Feature: /

Item No.: TIAA026

  • MSRP:  $8.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $3
  • Feature: /
flynova pro

Item No.: TIAA027

  • MSRP:  $29.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $9.8
  • Feature: /
Diy Painting Castle

Item No.: TIAA029

  • MSRP:  $29.99
  • Wholesale Price:  $7
  • Feature: /


How to buy from board games wholesale suppliers? Toy wholesale purchase and delivery can be stressful and time-consuming. When one is unfamiliar with the transaction process, importing for children’s items can be confusing. Here are a few simple steps to ordering our products.

Make a product order plan. (1-3days)

Before ordering you can send us the type of children’s products you want and one of our account managers will contact you to follow up on your order and provide details. If you don’t know what you need, you can ask us for a catalog and choose your favorite style from the catalog.

toys buying agent store
toys buying agent

China Toys Market Visit (IF NEEDED)

The China Toy Market is an excellent location for sourcing managers to view additional products. If you intend to visit the Chinese toy markets (YIWU TOYS MARKET and SHANTOU TOYS MARKET) to check samples or conduct market research. We offer a one-stop service to make your trip easier (hotel, airport pickup, translation, etc.).

Production & QC (7-20days)

Once you confirm the item order, we’ll start to follow up to make sure you receive quality and design that meet your expectations. If you order a product that is in stock, the goods can be delivered in 3-7 days. If you need our factory to produce, it usually takes about 20 days to produce. During this period, we will strictly control the quality of your order.


Shipping (7-25days)

You can provide your international shipping address, and we will select the best shipping option for you. For example, if you choose air freight, it will only take 7-10 days, whereas sea freight will take approximately 25 days.

After Sales Service

Our service will continue even after you receive our goods. If you have any issues with the sales process, please contact us. Our team is always available and responsive, and most importantly, we are enthusiastic about what we do, so you can contact us with confidence and satisfaction.

toys buying Agent Service


(Question about buying from Board Games Wholesale Suppliers)


How is the minimum order quantity? 

The minimum order quantity varies depending on the product. In general, the starting quantity for each item ranges between 48 and 200 pieces. A product’s total value is around $200USD.

Do you have a certificate? 

The majority of our products are En71 & CE certified and suitable for the European market. If you plan to sell in the US market, we can assist you in acquiring CPC product certification.

Can you put my company’s logo on the product?

If your order is small, we can place your logo label on the product. We can customize your product packaging, including packaging redesign and printing, if you purchase up to 2000 units.

What’s the price like? 

Our prices are reasonable because we only mark up the factory price by about 5%. This is significantly less expensive than the offer from the trader on Alibaba, who typically makes a profit of 20-30% or more.

What are the terms of your delivery?

We accept terms such as EXW, FOB, and CIF.

Can you ship directly to the Amazon warehouse if I am an Amazon seller?

We have a corresponding Amazon seller service; Amazon requires 100% defect-free products, and we can provide 100% product inspection service. If you need us to ship directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse, we have a shipping partner with whom we can negotiate very low rates.

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