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9 Top Shantou Toys Showroom Market Guide Buying Agent Servive

If you run a business importing toys from China, the Shantou toys showroom is an important place for you. In Shantou city, over 10000 toys manufacturer are producing all kinds of kids’ toys product. Here is a good place to arrange your China sourcing for toys.

How to find the toy manufacturer and get the best price? Visit Shantou toys showroom is a good option to check toys sample and reach the toy manufacturer.

Below TonySourcing team will introduce to you all the good toys showroom at Shantou place for you.

(this article updated at 2nd. Jan. 2023 By Tony Chen)

Want to visit Shantou all Toys showroom, TonySourcing provide Guide- Buying Agent one-stop service.

Shantou Toys Showroom Tips: 

  1. At Shantou Toys Market, the market is the showing room, also called exhibitions.
  2. Shantou Toys Market has over 30 exhibitions (big and small)
  3. In each exhibition, you might see the same samples and packaging from the same supplier or manufacturer.
  4. The exhibition space is like a Wal-Mart supermarket. The service staff records the item number of interested products, and you get all the information listed at checkout and then directly order.


The 9 top toys showroom spaces for toy sourcing

#1  YS WIN-WIN Exhibition Hall

 YS WIN-WIN Exhibition Hall built at 1st.Oct.2018.

Over 16,000 square meters with 3,000 suppliers and over 1 million items.

Variety Toys to choose from here. Both Brand items and especial items are available. This exhibition hall is prefered by European and US buyer due to super quality and reasonable prices of toys.

some factories provide 2-3 CTN/1 item MOQ

It’s good and faster to combine one container with 200+ toys

YS showroom -4
YS showroom -3
YS showroom -3

#2 On Top Exhibition Hall/汕头新悦翔展厅

Since 2015, Exhibition hall has offered hiqh quality, professional customer service, they are quite good at helping you find the item you want. All you need to do is give them a photo of the toy when you enter.

  • 13,000 square meter showing area

  • 4,000+ regular toys showing booth

  • 4,500+ professional toys showing booth

  • 4,000+ corporate factory support

  • 110+ Service Team members

The majority of the toys shown here are high quality with good packaging. This is ideal for your toy sourcing and helpful for European, American and Japan buyers who want to build their own brand of toys.


On top toys showroom-3
On top toys showroom-4

Below is the quotation list from On Top Exhibition Hall

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But, even you go and visit the above 4 top big Toys exhibition hall, you still possible can not find the item you want. Because those toys market just show the regular toys which have sale a lot in your country.

#3 Hoton Exhibition Hall/ 汕头宏腾展厅

Honton is Shantou Toys Market’s first exhibition hall, opening in 2003. This exhibition hall is perfect for the starting toy sourcing. Their goal is to help buyers get toy information in one location to save time and make business easier.

The exhibition hall has a 15,000 square meter showing area. They also invite other materials (not just plastic) from toy suppliers all over China to feature in the exhibition hall. In the future you’ll find a variety of toys here: plush toys, costumes, wooden toys, soft toys, and more for your toy sourcing needs.

Suppliers update product information fast, so it’s likely you’ll see very new designs.

JSF toys showroom-6

To protect their own design and new design toys, some factory do not show their sample in those open market. So if you want to find something new, something idea item, the FEATURE Exhibition hall can support .

Helpful tips for FEATURE Exhibition Hall?

  1. Each FEATURE exhibition hall just corporate with 10 -30 BIG factory only
  2. Those factory have their own design item, some of them have their strong brand.
  3. Each factory have one big exhibition room for all their product
  4. More professional and quality guarantee

#4 JSF Toys Showroom

JSF showroom has a 10,000 square meter showroom, for now, there is over 100 HIGH-QUALITY toys factory exhibiting their new toys item here. here, all factories have the design and packages of their special toys. Factory owns their toy brands and develops new designs every year.


JSF Showroom has DIY educational toys, Dinosaur toys, Remote control & robot toys, and puzzle toys. Each manufacturer has one serious of the same package design, which can help to promote the toy brands.

JSF toys showroom

Below is some item for you to have their price idea.

JSF toys -1

Product size: 29.5*5*20.5cm

QTY/CTN: 48 units

Volume/CTN: 0.184CBM

Unit Price: $3.8

MOQ: 144 units

Certificate:  EN71,7P,HR4040,ASTM,GCC

Product size: 22*16*8.5cm

QTY/CTN: 36 units

Volume/CTN: 0.253CBM

Unit Price: $4.3

MOQ: 108 units

Certificate:  EN71, EN62115, EN60825, 7P, CD, EMC, HR4040, BIS, PAHs, 8P, ASTM

#5 FX Toys Showroom

fx toys showroom logo

FX Toys Showroom has around 200 big toy factories exhibited here. Here have goods quality of kitchenware pretend toys, girl dolls toys, transformer toys & outdoor sports toys, and baby play toys.

FX toys showroom normally has factory sale staff server there, when visiting the showroom, if you have some detail need to confirm with factory, they can reply immediately.

FX toys showroom-2
FX toys showroom-3
FX toys showroom-4
FX toys -1

Product size: 100*95*56cm

QTY/CTN: 18 units

Volume/CTN: 0.287CBM

Unit Price: $6.7

MOQ: 54 units

FX toys -2

Product size: 52.5*102*19.5cm

QTY/CTN: 24 units

Volume/CTN: 0.222CBM

Unit Price: $5

MOQ: 72 units


XINGANG SAMPLE HALL is owned by around 75 toys manufacturer, they are racing car toy factories, baby dolls factories, die-cast toys factories, and truck car toys factories.

xinggang toys showroom-3
xinggang toys showroom-4
xinggang toys showroom-1

#7 Baili Showroom

They have 50 toys manufacturer including dinosaur toys, water gun toys, Parking lot toys, figure animals, cosmetics toys, and so on.

baili Toys showroom logo
JSF toys showroom-4

Shantou have 30+ Toys Exhibition hall including 25+ FEATURE Toys Exhibition with professional toys.

The feature toys Exhibition can only enter with VIP guided by TonySourcing company. More info, just contact

CK Toys Exhibition Hall logo

#8 CK Toys Exhibition Hall

60 toys manufacturer exhibited here including Remote control toys, Pretend toys, construction car toys, and so on.

Ck Toys Showroom (2)
Ck Toys Showroom (2)

#9 Union Toys Showroom

Union Showroom logo

35 toys manufacturer showroom, high quality, nice package.

They have rail toys, Imitation animal toys, baby learning toys.

FX toys showroom-5
Union toys-1

Product size: 15.5 x 5 x 20.5 cm

QTY/CTN: 18 units

Volume/CTN: 0.217CBM

Unit Price: $7.5

MOQ: 54 units

Union toys-2

Product size: 26.5 x 9 x 10 cm

QTY/CTN: 48 units

Volume/CTN: 0.217CBM

Unit Price: $3.2

MOQ: 144 units

After knowing so much toys showroom, you may have some question

All Shantou toys showroom is local in Chenghai Town Shantou city China, each showroom’s distance is within a 10-20 mins drive. You can take the flight to Jieyang Chaoshan airport, then take the car to the toys showroom directly, it cost around 50mins drive.

The answer is no, the showroom just shows the toy sample and product detail to the visited. And when you enter the showroom have to be guided by a local buying agent company like TonySourcing company, the buying agent will help you to select items in the showroom and place an order for you, then collect the goods in the company warehouse and arrange to ship.

When you check toys item on you can find the address is from Shantou place too, if the supplier is trader on alibaba, they normaly have markup 10-20% profit on the factory cost. so from this showroom, you just need to pay a low commission fee around 5%, your buying agent will help you to get the better price. If you have a big order quantity, the buying agent will help you to connect with toy manufacturers, more higher-order quantity, the lower price you will get.

Normal the toys are with En71 test report and CE mark, some items factory have pass ASTM & CPC test. If you need some special certificate like a GCC test, you can ask your buying agent company to get samples from the manufacturer and send them to the lab to issue a test report.

No, you can only find a similar design in those showrooms, all are packed with the factory’s brand package. Family brand toys are not sold here. If you want to ask the manufacturer to make the toys with your logo /your brand package, here is available.

Mostly you can find the plastic material toys here, if you need plush toys/ wooden toys, you can find them in another toys market – the Yiwu toys market. (8 toys market place in China view)

If the item you choose has stock from the factory, then they can deliver in 3-7 days to your agent’s warehouse. If no stock, then normally it cost 20-25days for product and delivery.

If you are the first time buying toys from China, you can step by step follow the TonySourcing guide to check the cost and the process.

Below link to learn how to import toys from China.

if you have more question, please leave comment below, we will answer immediately.

Want to visit Shantou toys showroom?

Where is the shantou toy showroom?

How to visit toys showroom

What is the process to purchase toys item?



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