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What is inside Yiwu Toys Market?

Yiwu Toys Market it is ALL KIND OF toys market.


  • Regular toys — 1000 suppliers
  • Electronic toys—200 suppliers
  • Inflating toys – 200 suppliers
  • Fabric plush toys – 400 suppliers

How is the market looks like?

Here have video.


Why Yiwu toys market better than other city toys market?

Beside huge variety, Fast Update is another advantage of Yiwu Toys Market.
For example: Balance scooter and Spinner. These 2 items were HOT in 2015 and 2017. New designs arrived at market every week, if not every day!


Low minimum order quantity:
MOQ=1ctn/item. Free deliver(to a Yiwu warehouse) usually requires total 5-10 CTN from same supplier.


Low Price:
Wholesale price also applies for 1 CTN / item. Buyers are paying the same price as 20 ctns. Profitable.


For China Toys Wholesale Market,

Tony Chen

Tony Chen, the founder of & He is Professional merchandiser in China since 2011, Now he have quote a lot of Professional knowledge for all kind of Toys and Promos item.

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  1. paul

    good market
    item is cheap but just some stock is bad quality
    how to avoid get bad quality item?

    1. Tony Chen

      the most easy way is talk with the supplier/owner,
      you can ask some question like guarantee or quality question,
      from their reply you can get some info.
      but if you do not speak English, Better find a local buying agent company.

      1. Bunty

        If we want to import toys please select information ..

  2. Prerna Jindal

    I am planning to startup a balloon business, i want to buy blloons and balloon accessories,
    Where can i but? Can u assist with your service in this category?
    Than you

    1. Tony Chen

      Hi Prerna,
      In Yiwu Toys market there is around 50 Suppliers for Balloon,
      if you just startup business,
      i recommend you pay a visit to Yiwu Toys market, check the price and quality first, then you will have idea to sale in your market or not.
      any help, please let me know.

  3. Jenny

    Hi, I am looking to import craft kits for kids .
    Where can I find the supplier in China.


    1. Tony Chen

      Hi Jenny,
      for craft kits for kids,
      if you just start your business, you can check the sample in Yiwu market building 1 – the first floor, there have some idea for you can buy various items with small quantity.
      if you have run a long time business and try to find something upgrade, then Shantou toys market/Roomroom will help a lot.

  4. Minnie

    Hi, I am looking to start a toy business including various kinds of toys like plastic toys, inflatables, electronics, etc. Is Yiwu Wholesale Market a good start to get a cheap price yet good quality product?
    Would recommend Yiwu Market or Shantou Market as a good start? I want to get all kinds of toys from this one place.


  5. vivek kakadiya

    hay hii. am from india.

    i want to suplier in india for toys

    so u can suggest me way of buying

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