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Yiwu Toys Market

What is inside Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market? The Biggest China Toys source

Yiwu toys market is the biggest wholesale market in China, even in Asia. They have over 2000 toy suppliers that supply all different kids’ toys at wholesale prices. If you want to start a toys business, the Yiwu toys market is a good place for you to launch your business to start China sourcing. Because here you can get the BEST wholesale price and Low order quantity for your items.

#1 What toys you can find in the Yiwu toys market?

Yiwu market is a big various wholesale place including jewelry market, toys market, craft market, home-décor item market, household item market, etc. There is around 170,000 supplier in this market, almost all kinds of merchandise you can easily find the supplier from this big market.

Today we talk about the Yiwu toys market, it is located on the 1st floor, Building 1, Yiwu market. Yiwu Toys Market has ALL KIND OF toys market.

  • Regular toys — 1000 suppliers

  • Electronic toys—200 suppliers

  • Inflating toys – 200 suppliers

  • Fabric plush toys – 400 suppliers

How is the market looks like?

Here have video.

#2 Where is the Yiwu Toys market and how to visit it here?

Yiwu Toys market is local in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province China. It is close to Hangzhou City & Shanghai City.

It cost 2 hour drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport (HGH)

It cost 4 hour drive from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA)

yiwu market location
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Yiwu Market
Shanghai Hongqiao International airport to Yiwu market

#3 What is the wholesale price from the Yiwu toy supplier?

The price here is quite competitive, we have compared it with the price in Alibaba supplier, here can be lower 20% than it. All the suppliers are represented by the real manufacturer. If you have a higher-order quantity like over 5000- 10000 units for each item, you can get even more surprise prices. 

Below is some item to give you the price idea.

  • Plush Keychain toys
  • Size: 10cm
  • Unit price: 0.5USD
  • MOQ: 600 units
infltable football toys
  • PVC inflated Football
  • Size: 25cm
  • Unit price: 0.2USD
  • MOQ: 1000 units
kids scooter
  • Kids scooter
  • Unit price: 6.6USD
  • MOQ: 72 units
  • Wooden toys
  • Size: 17.8*26.8*0.6cm
  • Unit price: 0.84USD
  • MOQ: 200 units

#4 How to find new toys item from the Yiwu toy market?

Normally if overseas visit the market, they will browse one by one shop to check what the item has, interested then directly enter to shop and ask the supplier more detail.

But, if there is not so much time to check one by one, we can search the Yiwu supplier on the Yiwu market official website to get the supplier location and some product info for reference.

Yiwu market official website:

yiwu market website

You can type the product name on the search bar on it.

Then you will find all the supplier info who supplies this kind of product.

Click the supplier column, you can have supplier contact info, The shop VR view, and their product price, and so on.

You can type the product name on the search bar on it
how to get supplier contact

#5 Why Choose the Yiwu toys market?

Besides huge variety, Fast Update is another advantage of Yiwu Toys Market.

For example Spinner and Popit items. These 2 items were HOT in 2017 and 2021. New designs arrived at the market every week, if not every day!

finger Spinner
Popit Toys

Low minimum order quantity:

MOQ=1ctn/item. Free delivery (to a Yiwu warehouse) usually requires a total of 5-10 CTN from the same supplier.


Low Price:

The wholesale price also applies for 1 CTN/item. Buyers are paying the same price as 20 Cartons. Profitable.

#6 How to buy toys from the Yiwu market and ship them?

When visiting the market, you can directly order the items from the supplier. they will make an invoice for you and then deliver the items to your Yiwu warehouse. Normally the delivery needs 5-25 days depending on what item you order, so in Yiwu, you need to prepare a warehouse to collect those goods after order.

There is why normally buyers need a buying agent to help.

Yiwu Buying agent

The buying agent will guide you to the market to find the item you want, do the translation (Yiwu supplier does not speak English), then place the order on behalf of the buyer, go through the agent’s safety bank account to down-pay payment to supplier, plus, use agent’s warehouse to collect and they will arrange goods quality control for you, then finally arrange the shipping. 

(for shipping detail, click to check how to ship from China to your country.)

TonySourcing company is a Yiwu buying agent who is professional in toy items.

If you have a question about Yiwu toy buying, please contact us.


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  1. paul

    good market
    item is cheap but just some stock is bad quality
    how to avoid get bad quality item?

    1. Tony Chen

      the most easy way is talk with the supplier/owner,
      you can ask some question like guarantee or quality question,
      from their reply you can get some info.
      but if you do not speak English, Better find a local buying agent company.

      1. Bunty

        If we want to import toys please select information ..

  2. Prerna Jindal

    I am planning to startup a balloon business, i want to buy blloons and balloon accessories,
    Where can i but? Can u assist with your service in this category?
    Than you

    1. Tony Chen

      Hi Prerna,
      In Yiwu Toys market there is around 50 Suppliers for Balloon,
      if you just startup business,
      i recommend you pay a visit to Yiwu Toys market, check the price and quality first, then you will have idea to sale in your market or not.
      any help, please let me know.

  3. Jenny

    Hi, I am looking to import craft kits for kids .
    Where can I find the supplier in China.


    1. Tony Chen

      Hi Jenny,
      for craft kits for kids,
      if you just start your business, you can check the sample in Yiwu market building 1 – the first floor, there have some idea for you can buy various items with small quantity.
      if you have run a long time business and try to find something upgrade, then Shantou toys market/Roomroom will help a lot.

  4. Minnie

    Hi, I am looking to start a toy business including various kinds of toys like plastic toys, inflatables, electronics, etc. Is Yiwu Wholesale Market a good start to get a cheap price yet good quality product?
    Would recommend Yiwu Market or Shantou Market as a good start? I want to get all kinds of toys from this one place.


  5. vivek kakadiya

    hay hii. am from india.

    i want to suplier in india for toys

    so u can suggest me way of buying

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