Top 9 China Sourcing Agents:
Finding the Right One for You

    If you want to import goods from China more easily, you need a professional China sourcing agent. We previously wrote a guide on China sourcing, which you can read if you’re interested. In this article, we will list different agents specializing in various product categories, hoping to help you find the right one. 《China Sourcing Ultimate Guide

    These categories include: Jewelry & Accessories, Toys, Daily Necessities, Electronics, Bags & Luggage, Clothing, Sports Goods, Home Decor, and Beauty.

    #1 Jewelry & Accessories - Style Sourcing

    Style Sourcing agent website

    Style-Sourcing, established in 2019, is highly familiar with industrial areas around Zhejiang, Yiwu, and Guangzhou’s wholesale markets.

    They excel in supply chain management and can foresee many unforeseen potential issues during the procurement process. You can easily find a wide range of fashionable jewelry, such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, hairbands, and accessories suitable for various occasions. Importing fashion jewelry from China can be profitable due to the advantages in price and style. If you have any other questions about purchasing fashion jewelry from China, here is good option.

    #2 Toys - TonySourcing

    Tony Sourcing Agent Website

    TonySourcing offers various toys and gifts to global buyers. They are located in Yiwu Toys Market and Shantou Toys Place China, with a network of over 5,000 toy manufacturers and 10 top toy wholesalers and distributors.

    For toy importers, they provide guidance on visiting toy markets and factories, as well as end-to-end processes, including order follow-up, payment, quality control, and delivery.

    For toy wholesalers/retailers, they offer a wide range of toy supply services. Their development department selects approximately 5,000 quality products from over 10 million items for customers to choose from.

    For Amazon sellers/online businesses, they provide toy sourcing services, assisting in finding suitable manufacturers, offering advice and solutions, and obtaining the best prices.

    #3 Household - Supplyia

    supplyia sourcing website

    Supplyia specializes in sourcing daily necessities. Whether it’s your first or 10,000th product, they provide assistance in various “small” steps, including product sourcing, quality control, preparation services, and shipping solutions.

    #4 Electronics - JustChinait

    justChinait sourcing agent website

    JustChinait is a leading integrated order fulfillment solution provider. They offer procurement, storage, quality assurance, picking, consolidation, packaging, and shipping services. They handle your procurement, warehousing, quality assurance, picking, consolidation, packaging, and shipping needs.

    #5 Bags & Luggage - LeelineSourcing

    leelinesourcing agent website

    LeelineSourcing has a well-trained professional team. They not only purchase products but also conduct supplier audits based on their business aspects. All suppliers on their list have been verified, ensuring reliability and meeting all your requirements. Over the past six years, they have assisted 2,000 clients in obtaining high-quality products. You can expect high-quality sourcing, inspection, warehousing, and shipping services.

    #6 Clothing - Deepwear

    deepwear sourcing agent website

    Deepwear focuses on supporting fashion and lifestyle brands through the procurement, custom manufacturing, purchasing, design, brand development, tech packs, quality control, attention, image production, logistics, sales, and marketing of fashion products. Every product manager understands the challenges of developing fashion products. As a mature outsourcing company for clothing, accessories, and jewelry, Deepwear has established design and development centers to handle all of these aspects, including tool development, material procurement, textile design agencies, and pattern creation, while staying true to brand DNA and budget.

    #7 Sports Goods - Dragon Sourcing

    dragon sourcing agent website

    Dragon Sourcing is a procurement service provider offering significant and sustainable value for organizations procuring goods and services from emerging and developed markets. Whether the goal is competitive exports from emerging markets, local operations procurement, or obtaining global procurement intelligence for better decision-making, Dragon Sourcing is the preferred partner. Established in 2004, they now have offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, enabling them to closely connect with clients and their supply markets.

    #8 Home Decor - Yiwu Market Guide

    YIwu market guide sourcing agent website

    Yiwu Market Guide is the first 1st China Sourcing agent company in Yiwu.

    Yiwu Market is the world’s largest wholesale market for home decor. The market offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor artificial plants, artificial flowers, Christmas decorations, gift packaging, photo frames, vases, ceramics and crystal, candle holders, wine racks, small furniture, decorative lights, and coat hangers—almost every type of home decor item you can think of. They provide a simple, transparent, and reliable one-stop solution. With the infinite opportunities provided by the Yiwu market, they help you succeed.

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    #9 Beauty - BeautySourcing

    beauty sourcing agent website

    As a leading B2B platform in the cosmetics supply industry, BeautySourcing is renowned for its highest quality service. To better serve buyers and suppliers worldwide, they have established global offices. When it comes to wholesale cosmetics online, do you think of platforms like Alibaba or Global Sources? In fact, you have a better choice—Beauty Sourcing. Beauty Sourcing is a professional website dedicated to wholesale cosmetics. The showcased product range covers almost all categories of cosmetics, including eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, perfumes, hair, skin care, and other beauty accessories. We are committed to helping you establish connections with high-quality manufacturers that provide comprehensive services for you, your products, and your company.

    Final Words of China Sourcing Agent

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    Finding a sourcing company specializing in your product category is crucial. These companies often have deep collaborations with factories, which can help prevent many unexpected issues. A good sourcing agent company is the one that finds competitively priced products, matches the desired quality, and works efficiently.