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    Item No.: TO20230717E

    Wholesale Price: 1- 1.2$/Unit

    MSRP: 10.99$


    Best Assembly Toys Dog Design

    • Unique dog-themed designs
    • 4 famous dog toy designs: Shepherd, Bulldog, Dachshund, Corgi
    • Mecha Appearance Design
    • Movable animal joints, very playable
    • Good looking, fun and cheap
    Product name :Robot Dog Diy Assembly Toys
    Material :ABS
    Function :Developing Intelligence
    Color:4 Colors
    Packing:Window Box
    Packing Size:23.4*9.4*14.8cm
    Carton Size:73*50*62.5cm
    5 benefit of play DIY Assembly toys:
    • Improves Fine Motor Manipulation and Strength
    • Enhances Spatial Awareness
    • Encourages Thinking and Reasoning
    • Involves Focus and Patience
    • Sparks the Imagination!


    DIY toys benefit

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