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    #1 Why buy Orange Shape Lollipop from
    Choose from 5,000+ China Candy suppliers with 100,000,000+ items
    Save up to 60% in costs by sourcing directly from Chinese Candy manufacturers
    Handle everything through TonySourcing’s one-step service
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    #2 What Certification of Orange Shape Lollipop has?
    The factory has passed the ISO9001 and won the certificate of HACCP for good security control.

    Meanwhile, we also get the certificate of HALAL which is requested by an Islamic customer.

    #3 What is the best Orange Shape Lollipop wholesale?
    The best cookie lollipop should be with Safety, delicious and health.

    >Safety Information:

    made with natural flavors and no artificial colors. perfect After You Eat Treat, enjoy one after every meal, for a cleaner, healthier smile!

    >>delicious :
    Candy in delicious assorted flavors that kids love means everybody can have their favorite and the fun never has to end!

    education and inspire kids that they can do anything! Zollipops delivers delicious, healthy candies with a mission to keep everyone smiling!


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