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What are Sensory Toys?

Children’s five senses can be developed through the use of sensory toys. Children can improve their sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste perceptions by playing with these toys. Sensory toys typically have unique brightness, color, shape, and taste components.


Benefits of Sensory Toys

Language skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive development are all aided by sensory toys. The advantages don’t end there; they also increase kids’ attention spans.


Sensory Materials List

Materials that allow children to feel different senses in terms of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste can be used as sensory materials, including sand, fabric, rubber, plastic, metal and so on. Most sensory toys are mainly made of silicone, sand and plastic.


Best 10 Sensory Toys Wholesale Recommend

We have selected the top 10 hottest selling sensory toys for 2023 from a wide range of sensory toys models. If you are a sensory toys sourcing manager, we believe this information can help you expand your wholesale toy business.


Where to buy Sensory Toys Wholesale?

Tonysourcing is a professional sensory toys wholesale supplier. They have the largest toy supply chain in China, including sensory toys, and every year they have more than 100 new sensory toys to offer, and they offer a catalog for you to download.


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    How to Order Sensory Toys Wholesale from Us?


    Make a product order plan. (1-3days)

    Before ordering you can send us the type of sensory toys you want and one of our account managers will contact you to follow up on your order and provide details. If you don’t know what you need, you can ask us for a catalog and choose your favorite style from the catalog.


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    Production & QC (7-20days)

    Once you confirm the item order, we’ll start to follow up to make sure you receive quality and design that meet your expectations. If you order a product that is in stock, the goods can be delivered in 3-7 days. If you need our factory to produce, it usually takes about 20 days to produce. During this period, we will strictly control the quality of your order.


    Shipping (7-25days)

    You can provide your international shipping address, and we will select the best shipping option for you. For example, if you choose air freight, it will only take 7-10 days, whereas sea freight will take approximately 25 days.


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    After Sales Service

    Our service will continue even after you receive our goods. If you have any issues with the sales process, please contact us. Our team is always available and responsive, and most importantly, we are enthusiastic about what we do, so you can contact us with confidence and satisfaction.

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