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HOT SALE Board Games Distributor

Wholesale Board Games Distributor |What is Hot Sale Now ?

We help oversea buyer to purchase toys for one-year-old toys baby wholesale from China factory directly.if you are searching wholesale board games distributor. Below is some useful into.

Which toys can connect a closed relationship with family members and friends?
Hmmm, my first choice is the board game.
Let us tell you in this article.

What are the board games?

The board game is a kind of toys playing on the tables. Maybe you will think board game is playing chess. No, no, no, it is just a part of that. Now, some games will be suitable for teenagers because it needs some strategy and some will be good for kids because of inspiring kids’ intelligence,
What kinds of board game you can choose? Let me show you in this video.

Now, follow me to see which top three board games selling on Amazon

1) Connect 4 Classic Grid

connect 4 board games
connect 4 board games

I guess this toy maybe not strange. Yes, this is the top one board game on Amazon. Most of the time, we play chess on chess paper or checkerboard with many “#” lines. It is difficult to move somewhere. But this Connect 4 game is different, you could take it anywhere, such as play it to spend your leisure time if you take a trip by car for a long time. That’s good!

2) Guess Who? Classic Game

guess who board games
guess who board games

Guess who? This game needs the player aks yes or no question to know the opponent characters. So this game should stimulate your brain,maybe you are a little detective, you need to observe the opponents’ actions and expression because you can guess the players’ character through these details. Are you interesting? Let us do it!

3)Monopoly Classic Game

Monopoly board games
Monopoly board games

Do you want to get rich or buy houses, buy anything that you want in the game? You will be satisfied with this game because of satisfying your imagination. You can play with several friends enjoy the time. You can buy, sell, dream and scheme the way to rich. At last, leave one person is a winner. So funny game, do you want to get?

Are you curious about other board games From wholesale board games distributor

 ? Follow me!

#1 Carpet board game from wholesale board games distributor

flying chess board games
flying chess board games

Look at the pictures first.

Here are six different model board games. I think you are not strange for these chess games. Nowadays, more and more parents will be willing to spend more time with their children and increase their family relationships, especially on the weekend, they will have a picnic or go outside with their kids. In this time, this board game is more useful, on the one hand, parents can play with kids and accompany them on it, on the other hand, you can replace tablecloth with carpet. It is so convenient!

#2 “Pull down” board games

pull down the wall
pull down the wall
wall games
wall games

Are you interested in this “pull-down” board game? Maybe you play the game called “Balance ice cube”(look at the picture).
You need to use the tool to stack the ice cube but keep the balance, not to the penguin fall. These “pull-down” games are similar, you need to calm down and be patient when you play these games. Maybe you are careless, the wall game will fall. It practices kids’ patient and attention, it is not hard to find out when you play, again and again, you will consider how to keep the balance for a long time.

#3 “watch my mouse” board game

watch my mouth game
watch my mouth game

In my childhood, my teachers like to let us play one game called “you paint, I guess” in order to promote friendship. Now, most of the reality show in China will play games like “watch my mouse” guess what I say. Of course, your friends also can put on the headphones and listen to the loud music to guess what you say. Most of the time, this game will make people laugh because of the guess people often make more incredible imagination. This game like the bridge to get closed friendship with friends.

#4 “STEM” board game

For kids, they often like to play some roles, such as teachers, doctors, fathers, mothers, scientists and so on. Look at this board game, it will be satisfied with kids’ imaginations. Do you want to become a little scientist? OK, let us shake our test tube to do the experiment. According to the cards, you can mix different color boxes into the tube. Kids will feel they are doing the research now. it also can improve children’s cognition of color.

#5 “make trouble” board game

don't put it in the bowel
don’t put it in the bowel

Maybe every kid was naughty in their childhood because they like to attract people’s attention. So, let’s play this game, don’t fall the shit into the bowl. I think when you take out the noodle, you will be so nervous and afraid. This is a “naughty” game, children will feel it is so funny and curious. Of course, it is just a game, we should talk about kids who can not do in life.

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