2018 Most Hot Toy—Magic Flow Rings

2018 Most Hot Toy—Magic Flow Rings

2018 Most Hot Toy—Magic Flow Rings

2018 Trending product Magic Flow Rings funny metal ring what is very hot on networks.


Why is Magic Flow Rings so popular?
1) This toy is popular among both adults and kids

2 It can be passed from person to person, and feels amazing
3) Known as dynamic steel, very easy to learn

4) Amaze your friends as it spirals down your arms like a magic bubble—feels amazing!
5) Healthy movement – Great for Fitness / Autism / Autistic / Fidget / ADHD Child, Teen or Adultmagic rings

What is the good quality of magig flow rings?

3 kind of material for Magic Rings in Factory

#1 iron material

#2 201 stainless steel material

#3 304 stainless steel material

304 stainless steel material Magic Rings could be the best quality.

Let’s compare the quality of different product

flow ring

magic flow rings


Our advantages

#1 Color 304 food-grade stainless steel

#2 Vacuum plating, eco-friendly, no rub off

#3 Round and smooth, increase the tactile and visual sense

There are different color and different size (13cm    /15cm) you can choose

flow rings


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