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How is the Yiwu Toys Shop Wholesale Price & Buying Quantity?

How is the Yiwu Toys Price?

Some customer hear of Yiwu Toys Market, but they don’t know is it worth to pay for a visit.

the most part they concern it is

#1 is it wholesale toys here are in Good Price?

#2 How is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)

#3 How is the Toys Quality.


From below Yiwu Toys Supplier Price list you may have a reference idea.

Few days ago,

Our website  get a customer inquiry on FREE Toys Sourcing.

our team spent 4 hours in market to search the item and make quotation.

below it is the quotation for reference.



conclusion: Yiwu Toys is quite profitable, they buying quantity normall ask 1-3 carton box, each carton box 36-144 depond on difference kind of toys.

it is a good option for oversea new starter to order and test sell in their niche market.


if you want to check the whole price list,you can click this link to get FREE Download:

Tony Chen

Tony Chen, the founder of & He is Professional merchandiser in China since 2011, Now he have quote a lot of Professional knowledge for all kind of Toys and Promos item.

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  1. Antonio Cruz

    I want to start my own toy distribution company in Puerto Rico what would be a good line of toys to start.

    1. Tony Chen

      Hi Antinio Cruz, From our data you can try to start from below toys item:
      dinosaur toys
      Steam Toys
      bath toys
      kitchen toys
      train toys
      dolls toys
      RC toys
      thinker toys
      beyblade toys
      farm toys
      lamaze toys
      plush toys stuffed toys
      infant toys
      playskool toys
      collectable toys

  2. Amos kolala

    I need some toys am in zambia luasak

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