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Wooden Toys Good For Children?

Wooden toys good for children?

#1 Let your baby to learn a variety of shapes, distinguish colors
#2 Good for preschool education
#3 Foster creativity
#4 Great educational toy for children

#5 Great brain-training toys for kids



Tips for Buying Wooden Toys

#1 Toys made of fabric should be labeled as flame resistant or flame retardant.

#2 Painted toys should be covered with lead-free paint.

#3 Choose quality hardwood, not leftover construction material

#4 Non-toxic

#5 Have relevant certificate

We have been specializing in wooden toys many years in China, Many factories that cooperate with us mainly located in Yunhe county of Zhejiang Province (called as “wooden toy town of China”), we can get factory price.

Our products all confirm to EN71,ASTM F963 and the factory is certified by ICTI,GSV and FSC .

There are many different models of wooden toys which made up of eco-friendly material.





Production process


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Tony Chen, the founder of & He is Professional merchandiser in China since 2011, Now he have quote a lot of Professional knowledge for all kind of Toys and Promos item.

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  1. Oliver Ray

    I never knew that wooden toys should be built out of flame-resistant or flame-retardant materials. My brother loves wooden toys and fire, unfortunately. He has placed several of his toys in the firepit outside before. The next time we get a toy we will have to make sure it is a wood that is flame-resistant.

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