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Toy Capsules Shrink Wrapping

How Capsule Toys packed by shrink wrapping machine?

Capsule toys now are quite popular selling in the market all around the world. Each unit capsule ball should be packed by shrink wrapped to become more attractive. So you know how the factory packs the capsule toys by shrink wrapping machine?

Keep reading, the article will give you an answer.

How do shrink wrapping machine pack capsule toys?

Check the below video, you will have a better understanding.

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How is the Auto way to pack capsule toys by shrink warping machine?

  1. The worker just put on each unit capsule toys onto the production line of the machine
  2. Capsule move to the cutting machine
  3. Cutting machine cut the Heat shrinkable film (full roll)
  4. The Heat shrinkable film drop down to cover the “waist” of capsule ball
  5. Capsule ball moved to adjustment area,
  6. Adjustment tool adjust the het shrinkable film fix the capsule at the right position
  7. Capsule ball moved to oven.
  8. Heat shrinkable film worked with high temperatures and perfect pack the package.
  9. Capsule ball moved to the end to do bluk packing.
shrink wrapping machine for capsule toys
shrink wrapping machine for capsule toys

How does the traditional way by hand-work to pack capsule toys?

  1. Need to buy the Heat shrinkable film which has cut in each piece
  2. The worker takes one heat shrinkable film to cover each capsule toy ball
  3. All covered capsule storage into the tray
  4. Turn one the oven, dump all the capsule toy ball from the tracy into the oven.
  5. At the end side of the oven, a worker takes out the finish capsule toys and then pack into the bag.
Heat shrinkable film
Heat shrinkable film

Machine pack VS hand-work pack

Most capsule toys merchant used to pack capsule toys by hand-work, because in their option, packing by hand-work can be cheaper and faster (just ask more worker do together to higher the spend)


The real is…

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Summary: Capsule Toys packed by shrink wrapping machine is better, 200,000 pcs capsule can be finished packing within 3days, all film can stay in the right position and the film color can be nicer.

Where to find shrink wrapping services in China?

Most capsule toys factory is nearby China Yiwu toys market, so it is better the capsule toys packed with shrink wrapping machine once the factory finishes the production. Here we recommend Yiwu JK packing factory,

They provide shrink wrapping services and have quite professional experience for packing capsule toys.

yiwu JK packing factory for capsule toys
yiwu JK packing factory for capsule toys

They local in No.21,  Donghe road, Chengxi Street, Yiwu China. Quite a convenience for all factories in Yiwu to delivery the goods for packing, by a truck just 30mins around.

Check for capsule packing service,

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