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What is Squishy Toys & How is Squishies Toys Wholesale?

Over the past five years, squishy toys have become very popular. Squishies toys has a special feature called decompression in addition to being generally soft and malleable. Squishy toys can be considered to be one of the most significant stress-relieving toys. If you work in the toy industry, I hope the information I will provide about squishy toys in this article will be useful to you.

#1 What is squishy toys?

Squishy toys are made of soft materials such as liquid, sponge, foam, and TPR. He is distinguished by the ability of the kneading to be restored to its original shape, making people feel very comfortable. Styles include those of fruits, animals, and other figures.

#2 what is type of squishy toys?

Squishy toys fall into a variety of categories, and new ones are introduced almost annually. I’ll list the most significant ones here.

2.1 Slow-rising Squeeze Toy

The main characteristic of this type of squishy toy is that it slowly returns to its original state after being pinched. The process is relatively slow, but it looks like a lot of fun. Although the product’s interior is made of sponge, the exterior feels and looks like leather.

These toys are typically scented, which is why they are also known as Slow Rising Scented Squishy Toys.

Slow-rising Squeeze Toy
Squeeze Toy

2.2 Mochi Squishy Toy

I must admit that this is a very hot toy, especially for office workers. It is small and appealing to people of all ages. I can imagine a factory producing stickers of him for phones, refrigerators, and other items. Style design can be said to have a thousand different types, and there are many different colors to choose from, including solid colors, glitter colors, and glow in the dark colors.

Mochi Squishy Toy phone case
grow in the dark Mochi toys

2.3 squishy stress ball

What is squishy stress ball? it has a soft rubber shell, filled with spherical beads or liquid inside, the way to play is to squeeze him, the beads or liquid inside will be revealed, very interesting.


The most classic style is the grape ball, they add a net on the outside of the ball, squeeze the beads inside will be revealed through this net.

grape fidget ball
grape fidget ball

Then there is the style without a net, the beads inside have many color options.

squishy stress ball

The interior of the most recent design is similar to a stress ball made of flour.

flour squishy toys

2.4 squeeze squishy toys

A variety of animal styles, as soon as you squeeze, you will find a lot of surprises

squeeze squishy toys -2
dinosaur squishy toys

#3 what is the best squishy toys now?

There are already thousands of squishy toys on the Wholesale market, so I’ll list the most popular ones here. If you are also involved in the wholesale squishy toys business, I believe this will be of great help to you.

#4 where to get squishy toys bulk wholesale?

TonySourcing is a professional squishy toys supplier. They are factory direct, have a wide variety of styles and are certified, such as CE and CPC. If you need their latest catalog, you can contact them directly to get it for free.

Toys catalog
squishy toys factory
squishy toys manufacturer

    #5 what squishy toy manufacturer can do for you?

    As a squishy toy manufacturer, they have their own design staff, production machines, and packaging equipment. So they can help you to do value-added services for your products

    #1 OEM service, the toy factory can produce the design you want, including the size and color combination

    #2 The factory can ensure that your purchase is made of environmentally friendly materials and can pass the certificate test

    #3 The factory can help you design the packaging, so that your sales increase.

    Squishy toys supplier


    Well, the above is the tip about squishy toys. Currently, squishy toys is a very popular toy product. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or distributor of toys, you can’t do without this product. It is cheap and highly playable, so it keeps selling very well.

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