1 What is the best summer toys for toddles?

we receive numerous inquiries every day, with many customers asking me about new products in the market and if there are any suitable toys for the summer. Today, I have compiled a list of categories of summer toys and the top-selling items on various international platforms.

summer toys for toddlers

1.1 Outdoor Water Toys:

One of the standout options is the Outdoor Trampoline Water Park toy, which has excellent sales on platforms like Amazon. Different styles of this toy are highly favored by customers and receive rave reviews. Following closely are the lawn slide toys and the pool series, which are loved by customers of all ages.

Outdoor Water Toys

1.2 Water Gun Series:

Water guns are an essential part of summer playtime, and this year’s new releases are abundant. With cute cartoon-themed designs and backpack-style options, as well as water cannons and water pumps, these different styles offer children unique experiences for an unforgettable summer.

water gun Toys
water gun toys
water gun toys
water gun toys

1.3 Bubble Series:

Among the recommended items are bubble machines and bubble lawnmower sets, known for their excellent functionality. There are also several customer-favorite options this year, such as the pony push-pull bubble toy, butterfly princess-themed sets, and handheld unicorn bubble guns. These finely designed toys with great gameplay are highly cherished by customers.

bubble toys
bubble toys
bubble toys

1.4 Beach Toys:

Beach toys have been a familiar product for a long time, but the factories have made various improvements in terms of appearance and packaging design. Particularly noteworthy is the minimalist net bag design, which makes carrying the toys convenient and keeps away excess sand.

beach toys

1.5 Water Sports Toys:

First and foremost, the PVC swimming pool ball is worth mentioning, as it is a popular purchase both online and offline. Additionally, there are sticky balls, water volleyball sets, and many other must-have styles that should not be overlooked.

water sport toys

1.6 Water Bullet Guns:

This particular style has seen remarkable sales in the US and European markets this year, making it a category that deserves special attention.

water bullet toys

Of course, there are many other toys that haven’t been mentioned, such as water balloons, foam airplanes, and water floats. If you’re interested, feel free to contact me to obtain our catalog.

New Summer Toys Video

#2 Where to find new outdoor toys for toddlers from Wholesale market

2.1 Yiwu Toys Wholesale market

One of the most well-known wholesale marketplaces in China and one of the biggest markets for small commodities worldwide is Yiwu Whoelsale market. The International Trade Mart Zone 1 is where we can find the toys we’re looking for. You can find any kind of toy you are accustomed to here. The majority of the products are geared toward international trade. The busiest buying times for overseas buyers are typically in March and September. For on-site purchasing, product selection, and price enquiries, please visit in person.

Yiwu market

2.2 Shantou Toys Market

The Toy and Gift Capital of China is Shantou City. Over 140 nations and areas throughout the world receive nearly 60% of the goods made here. Shantou provides a wide range of possibilities with its millions of various toy factories, which range from well-known brands to tiny businesses. Additionally, there are numerous toy showrooms where you can find a wide variety of popular toys. YS WINWIN Showroom,  On top Showroom, Hoton Showroom, , and other well-known showrooms are just a few examples. all toys market  has over 8,000 factories and over 300,000 products on display. It visited more than 1,000 batches of clients on average each month. Shantou is unquestionably the best option if you’re seeking for a variety of toy types. (Check here to get more info about Shantou Toys Showroom)

Shantou toys showroom (1)

2.3 Canton Fair

The well-known Canton Fair is another must-attend occasion. The 133rd Canton Fair, with some 35,000 import and export enterprises present, was recently held, according to a People’s Daily report. In addition, the 12 specialty exhibition areas of the Canton Fair included the products of 508 companies from 40 different nations and regions. There were 370,000 attendance on the first day alone, including 67,000 visitors from outside.

Canton fair

#3 Best summer toys supplies & why choose them

These are factories that specialize in summer products, including electric toy factories. The quality of their products and performance design in the electric toy industry are among the best. The suppliers on the following list are very high in terms of product quality, delivery, and tacit understanding. Of course, there are many of strong vendors. You can get in touch with me or connect with me in the article below if you’re interested.

shantou toys brand (1)
shantou toys brand (7)
shantou toys brand (4)
shantou toys brand (3)
shantou toys brand (5)
shantou toys brand (6)
shantou toys brand (8)
shantou toys brand (9)
China toys brand (1)
China toys brand (2)
China toys brand (5)
China toys brand (6)
China toys brand (7)
China toys brand (8)
China toys brand (9)

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