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    Item No:451H


    Aluminum Foil 
    As picture
    Size 72×77cm (measured before inflation)
    Filling gas Normal Air
    Color Difference Depending on the environment the balloon is in, it reflects a different gloss and shade of color. Such as indoor, outdoor, cloudy, sunny the same balloon color perception will be some differences. It is inevitable that there will be slight difference in color between the object and the picture due to the influence of display and camera.
    To make your decorations eye-catching, consider using a giant air-filled balloon! This festive decoration makes the perfect centerpiece for Halloween, display them on the floor or pair them with other items. The Airloonz balloon can be inflated using a Balloon Pump or the included straw, without the need for helium! Add a splash of color to your party with this vibrant, self-supporting balloon.

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