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    Our focus on Personalized Stuffed Toys  also includes the following products:

    • Plush toys, dolls, pillows, U-shaped pillows
    • Cartoon toys, animal toys, Christmas toys
    • Cushion toys, marine toys, pendant toys
    • Phone holder toys, car toys, dinosaur toys
    • Pencil case toys, luminous toys, projection toys
    • Holiday gifts, home decoration gifts

    And other related toy and gift products.

    We have extensive experience in OEM production of high-quality plush toys, novelty toys, promotional gifts, and soft decorations.

    Our professional team can provide one-stop solutions covering product design, sample development, quality inspection, and manufacturing.

    Maintenance and Precautions:

    1. Keep the indoor environment clean and reduce dust. Clean the toy surfaces regularly using soft, dry, and clean tools.
    2. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and keep the toys dry inside and out.
    3. Clean according to the size. Small ones can be washed directly in a washing machine, while large ones can be disassembled, washed, re-filled, and sewn. Remove electronic components beforehand.
    4. After washing, use a comb to tidy the fur and make it fluffy. Check the internal filling material.
    5. Disinfect regularly using steam ironing. Wash with warm water and a neutral detergent.
    6. Store in original packaging or plastic bags. Add desiccant in humid conditions. Do not stack tightly.
    7. Check safety regularly. Make sure small parts are secure to avoid hazards.
    8. Choose suitable detergents. Wool detergent works better for long fur.
    9. Wash at suitable temperatures between 30-40°C.

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