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    #1 Why buy Sensory Toys from
    Choose from 5,000+ China toy suppliers with 100,000,000+ items
    Save up to 60% in costs by sourcing directly from Chinese toy manufacturers
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    #2 What Certification of Fidget toy have?
    En71 & CE test report: European standard EN 71 specifies safety requirements for toys. Compliance with the standard is legally required for all toys sold in the European Union.
    ASTM Test Report: Under new federal legislation that takes effect today, all toys sold in the United States must meet the safety requirements of ASTM F963

    #3 What is the best Toys
    The best Fidget toy should be with play, learn and smile function.

    >Play Function
    various educational toys can stimulate children‘s abilities in various distinct areas and tap into their innate potential through fun games.
    >>Learning function
    Get children to take the initiative to learn, willingly. Play is the foundation of learning!
    >Smile function:
    “Play and Learn” is still insufficient.

    The best wish is for every child to smile from the heart, learn to think and even take a step further and explore, when they play with the educational toys.
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    Noveity Toys Catalogue

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