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11 Best Ceramic Factory/Manufacturers in Chaozhou China

China is globally recognized as a leading hub in the ceramic industry, home to several top-notch ceramic manufacturers. One Chinese city that stands out as a significant player in this sector is Chaozhou. Known for its rich history, Chaozhou is a vibrant city that boasts numerous renowned ceramic manufacturers. In this article, we introduce you to the 11 best ceramic manufacturers in Chaozhou, China.

#1 Chaozhou Fengxi Dongyang Porcelain Factory

Our journey begins with Chaozhou Fengxi Dongyang Porcelain Factory, a heavyweight in Chaozhou’s ceramic industry. Founded in 1994, the factory has built a reputation for high-quality ceramics that combine traditional Chinese elegance with modern design elements.

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Dongyang specializes in decorative ceramics and porcelain items, including vases, dinnerware, and artsy figurines, blending traditional and contemporary Chinese aesthetics.

#2 Chaozhou Lanyue Ceramics Factory

Next up, the Chaozhou Lanyue Ceramics Factory. With more than a decade’s experience, the factory specializes in sanitary ceramics, bringing together Chinese ceramics’ sophistication and top-notch modern craftsmanship.

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Lanyue offers a wide range of sanitary ceramic ware, including bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

#3 Chaozhou Santai Porcelain Co., Ltd

Chaozhou Santai Porcelain Co. Ltd is another distinguished manufacturer, offering a wide variety of ceramics. They’ve capitalized on their years of experience to deliver ceramics that merge functionality and chic design.

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Santai Porcelain is home to a broad selection of ceramics including porcelain dinnerware, tea sets, and artistic figurines.

#4 Chaozhou Fengxi Gaodi Ceramics Factory

Chaozhou Fengxi Gaodi Ceramics Factory believes in the beauty of understated elegance. With an expert team, they relentlessly work on improving their craft, creating ceramics that embody simplicity and elegance.

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Gaodi excels in crafting ceramic tableware, dinner sets, and porcelain bowls, all imbued with a simple, elegant aesthetic.

#5 Chaozhou Bailishi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd

Known for its sanitary ceramics, Chaozhou Bailishi Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd has earned its place among the top ceramic manufacturers in Chaozhou. Their products are characterized by their functional design and lasting quality.

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Bailishi specializes in sanitary ceramics, such as elegant bathroom fixtures and accessories.

#6 Chaozhou Elaboration One-piece Sanitary Co., Ltd

With a focus on one-piece sanitary products, Chaozhou Elaboration One-piece Sanitary Co., Ltd is a leader in the industry. They are known for their innovative designs and unmatched quality.

They offer an all-inclusive range of sanitary one-piece ceramic products, like toilets and bidets.

#7 Chaozhou City Bojiqiao Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd

Chaozhou City Bojiqiao Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd specializes in making high-quality sanitary ceramics. They ensure that their products are not just functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Bojiqiao masters in creating top-notch sanitary ceramic products, from bathroom fixtures to beautiful fittings.

#8 Chaozhou Zhitao Ceramics Industrial Co., Ltd

Chaozhou Zhitao Ceramics Industrial Co., Ltd has built a solid reputation in the ceramic industry. They are celebrated for their contemporary ceramic designs and uncompromising quality.

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Zhitao offers a variety of decorative ceramics, with everything from large ceramic jars to small decorative figurines.

#9 Chaozhou Xiongba Ceramics Co., Ltd

Chaozhou Xiongba Ceramics Co., Ltd prides itself on its vast collection of ceramics. They offer an expansive range of items, from ornamental pieces to daily use ceramics.

Xiongba ceramics offer an array of beautifully crafted ceramics, everything from home decor to ornate tableware.

#10 Chaozhou City Guxiang Town Shunfa Ceramic Factory

Next up, the Shunfa Ceramic Factory, renowned for the craftmanship on their ceramics. Both their ornamental and functional items are notable for their excellent quality and beautiful designs.

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Shunfa Ceramic creates quality sanitary ware and kitchenware, from modern style toilets to kitchen sinks.

#11 Chaozhou Huifa Ceramics Co., Ltd

Closing our list is Chaozhou Longyu Porcelain Factory. Standing out with their unique blend of traditional and trendy ceramics, they lead in creating pieces anyone would be proud to display.

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Huifa is known for its diverse and high-quality ceramics, including decorative items, dinnerware sets, and unique figurines.

And there you have it – our top 11 ceramic manufacturers in Chaozhou, China. Each manufacturer has unique strengths, and they all share a commitment to excellence, ensuring that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s no surprise then that when it comes to ceramics, Chaozhou is a top destination. Trust TonySourcing for all your sourcing needs!

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