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9 Top Fashion Accessories Wholesale: Review, Catalog, Trends

Welcome to the exciting world of fashion! As a retailer, staying competitive means constantly keeping up with trends while stocking unique, high-quality products that would appeal to your market. Sourcing such items from reliable fashion accessory wholesalers is crucial, and it might feel like navigating through a maze sometimes. Here, we bring you the top 9 fashion accessory wholesalers from around the globe, each having carved their own niche in the industry. Whether you’re looking for statement pieces, personalized items, or trendy accessories, these wholesalers should be on your radar! Let’s delve in and explore further.

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#1 Zenzii: Atlanta, US

A go-to place for retailers seeking statement fashion accessories at affordable prices. Zenzii boasts of an extensive catalog offering everything from statement jewel-encrusted necklaces to stylish scarves and trendy earrings. They observe a minimum order value of $100, with individual prices for accessories starting at around $12.

#2 Tasha Apparel: Los Angeles, US

Tasha Apparel, based in Los Angeles, has emerged as a popular choice for both startups and established retailers. They specialize in offering trendy, high-quality fashion accessories at a wholesale price, all without a minimum order requirement. Their catalog is often updated with the latest trends, allowing retailers to stock their shelves with the freshest designs.

#3 Kole Imports: Carson, US

Kole Imports, a Carson based wholesaler, prides itself on offering a varied and comprehensive range of accessories including bags, sunglasses, and jewelry. With a minimum order value of $100, they make it accessible for retailers of all sizes to access their range and update their collection with the latest accessory trends.

#4 Wholesale Accessory Market: Alabama, US

The Wholesale Accessory Market’s unique selling point is its offering of personalized accessories. With no minimum order quantity, they offer a multitude of accessory options, with prices starting as low as $2.

#5 City Goddess: London, UK

Based in London, City Goddess has gained recognition as a fashion wholesaler internationally. They specialize in women’s fashion accessories and are known for frequently updating their collection with the latest fashion trends.

#6 Yiwu Jewelry Co., Ltd.: Yiwu, China

Emerging from the global market city of Yiwu, Jewelry Co., Ltd. specializes in various fashion accessories. With a competitive minimum order quantity of just 12 pieces per design and a vast catalog of products, they stand out in the wholesale market.

#7 Indini: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Based in Amsterdam, Indini offers a wide variety of styles and has no minimum order quantity, allowing retailers a great deal of flexibility when ordering. They offer a plethora of options, from classic designs to the latest trendy accessories.

#8 Diamond Veneer: Los Angeles, US

Diamond Veneer focuses on providing high-quality cubic zirconia accessories. With a minimum order value of $100, they offer a range of stellar products inspired by the latest trends at competitive wholesale prices.

#9 Trend Garment: Hongkong

Trend Garment, a wholesale distributor based in Hongkong, strikes a fine balance between trendy and classic pieces. They observe a minimum order quantity of 300 pieces, but their broad range of products allows retailers to put together diverse and appealing collections.

In conclusion, the thriving world of fashion accessories continuously spins around an axis of creativity, innovation, and style. After exploring a diverse array of fashion accessory wholesalers that span continents, we hope to have brought you closer to finding your ideal supplier. Remember, the right wholesaler partnerships mean not just best prices, but also products reflective of the latest trends and your brand’s ethos. It’s about building relationships that can withstand the ever-evolving fashion landscape and propel your retail success story. Keep an eye on our blog for more such insightful content.

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