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China ceramic wholesale Market

6 Best Ceramic Wholesale Markets in China

If you’re interested in China’s ceramics industry or considering a large-scale procurement of ceramic products, the Chinese market has a lot to offer. Here, we’ll walk you through the top 6 ceramic wholesale markets in China, each with its unique features and strengths. Buckle up and let’s dive deep into the captivating world of ceramics!

#1 Chaozhou Ceramics Wholesale Market

Chaozhou ceramic wholesale Market
The Chaozhou Ceramics Wholesale Market is one of the best-known ceramic wholesale markets in China. Located within the Fengxi District of Chaozhou city, the expansive area of 30,000 square meters is home to a breathtaking array of ceramics by the end of 2023, making it one of the largest professional ceramic markets in the country.


The market is designed with several sections like ceramics ancillary service area, ceramics exhibition and sales area, ceramics production area, providing buyers with an abundance of choices. Visitors can find a plethora of ceramic items ranging from tableware, tea sets, coffee sets, antique ceramics, gift ceramics, display ceramics, Christmas ceramics, decorative ceramics, garden ceramics, architectural sanitary ceramics, and many more.


For the discerning art lover, ceramic works of art produced by the firing techniques of Chaozhou Fengxi are a must-see. These ceramics, mainly meant for display and admiration, are also known as art display ceramics or art ceramics. They come in various forms including ceramic sculptures of people and animals, ceramic flowers, painted vases (plates), as well as ceramic murals.

#2 Yiwu Ceramics Wholesale Market

The Yiwu market is the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities, featuring a ceramic market that primarily focuses on affordable daily-use ceramic products and crafts. The product types are rich, the designs are novel, suitable for home and business, everything is available.


The Yiwu Ceramics Wholesale Market has a variety of ceramic products, divided into categories as follows:
ceramic wholesale Market
  1. Daily ceramic products: include various ceramic cups (mugs, water cups, tea cups, etc.), bowls, plates, pots, etc. These products are suitable for daily use and are characterized by novel styles and bright colors, which are very popular among consumers.
  2. Ceramic crafts: This category includes ceramic ornaments, ceramic vases, ceramic storage jars, ceramic artworks, etc., mostly used for decoration and gifts.
  3. Ceramic tableware: it includes sets of ceramic plates, bowls, chopsticks, spoons, etc. These products are used in many catering occasions and homes.
  4. Specialty ceramics: Such as wear-resistant ceramic chips, these products are mainly used in industrial fields. They have strong wear resistance and are not easily damaged after long-term use.
Yiwu CHina ceramic wholesale Market

The advantage of the Yiwu market is in its abundant supply, its plethora of merchants, no matter what type of ceramic product you need, you can find satisfying options here.

#3 Jingdezhen Ceramics Wholesale Market

Home to a wide range of ceramic products and a deep-rooted ceramics culture, Jingdezhen is worth a visit. Jingdezhen International Trade Plaza remains the largest ceramic professional wholesale and retail market in Jingdezhen, housing hundreds of traders offering all kinds of ceramics. You can find tableware, tea sets, vases, display ceramics, art ceramics, and other varieties.


Ceramics from Jingdezhen are world-renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding quality. They are often referred to as “false jade wares,” a testament to their high level of craftsmanship in the manufacturing of ceramics.

#4 Foshan Ceramics Wholesale Market

Foshan ceramic wholesale Market
Since it was established in 1991, the Shiwan Ceramics Wholesale Market of Foshan has developed into one of the largest ceramic professional markets in the country after more than 30 years of growth.


The market has seen success not only in its size but also in its profound influence on the industry and contribution to the economic development of Foshan. Superior product quality, vast variety of options, and excellent service quality have garnered high praise from customers both at home and abroad.

#5 Liling Ceramics Wholesale Market

Liling ceramic wholesale Market
The Liling Ceramics Wholesale Market in Hunan is Liling’s largest ceramics wholesale market, offering a variety of ceramic products with different needs that customers might have.


With its outstanding porcelain skills, rich ceramic resources, and long history of ceramic culture, Liling attracts customers from all over the country and even the world, proving to be an ideal place for ceramic wholesale.

#6 Dehua Ceramics Wholesale Market

Dehua ceramic wholesale Market
The Dehua Ceramic Wholesale Market is a renowned ceramic wholesale market in the country, mainly concentrated in the Dehua Ceramic City. Here, you can find a variety of types of ceramic products, not only daily ceramics, tea sets, cups, but also crafts, ceramic sculptures, Guanyin Buddha statues, hand-painted vases, etc.


Overall, the Dehua Ceramics Wholesale Market is an excellent ceramics wholesale market with excellent quality, a variety of varieties, and reasonable prices. If you’re shopping for ceramic products in Dehua, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Above are the top 6 ceramic wholesale markets in China. If you want to visit these markets and shop for ceramic products, please contact TonySourcing and use their business guide service. They offer tour guides, translators, order placements, and full procurement services – a great help for your purchasing activities in China.

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