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How Is Balloons Wholesale Market In China?

The best way to wholesale balloons in China is visiting Yiwu toys market.

There are more than 200+ shops supply different balloons.

Most of Manufacturers are from Hebei province China, (almost of all factories from main balloons industry place have their sample room/booth in Yiwu Toys wholesale market.) so you can just visit one place to visit all different suppliers in China.



How to choose good products?

#1 Choose tidy balloon, no dirty balloon


#2 check the shape


#3 Check the lip


#4 The inner sides of some balloon were stick together, that because it was over-steamed, the water go inside of the balloon .this kind of balloon absolutely is not good quality


Matters need attention:

balloons attention

#1 No children under 3 years old

#2 No in a strong sunshine for long time

#2 No acid liquid

At last, there are a lot of different design, different size, different model you can choose. If you have any interest in these items, please contact us for the detail

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