Import Toys Wholesale Guide

This page will fully introduce:

  • What is our company?
  • How are our company’s toys price and charge?
  • How to purchase toys from our side (China toys manufacturer)?

What is our company?

Our company started in 2012, local at Yiwu, China & Shantou, China.

We sourced all kinds of toys for oversea business directly from China manufacturer/ supplier and then provide one-stop buyer service.

Including, toys factory order and follow up, payment, Quality control & help to ship out.

Our advantage is

#1 one-stop sourcing all kind of toys (like educational toys, STEAM toys, baby toys, ride-on car)

#2 better wholesale price from toys manufacturer

TonySourcing company

How are our company's toys price and charge?

Now its quite easy to buy all kind of toys from online wholesale like

But from Alibaba, 90% of suppliers is a trader who will quote you 20%+ margin price.

For us, we will source the final manufacturer and do a one-stop process follow up.

This we just charge 5-8% commission base one the order value, in this way you can get a better price, and extra value like quality control, variety item quality compare….

Of course, we can calculate up all the cost (factory price, inland charge + our commission) and quote you a final price FOB price too.

china toys market wholesale


A Traveler package — toys importer who have plan to visit China

we invited you to arrange a visit to China’s toys market to check toys sample and decide toys order directly.
Base on the Yiwu Toys market(check how is Yiwu Toys market? ) & Shantou toys showroom (check how is Shantou Toys showroom?), you can directly check 10,000 toys supplier/ manufacturer and 10 million+ different toys item here. this is the fastest way to find out the item you like and check more variety toys item. (but this year with the COVID-19 reason, it looks impossible for overseas visitors to come to China. So you can choose another 2 ways below.)

Here is the case study for our other client. (check it.)

Furture: More Varity item; Sample on hand to check;


How to import toys from Yiwu China?

How to import toys From Shantou China?


Shantou toys agent
Shantou Toys Showroom
10 Top China Toys Market
Yiwu Toys Market
Yiwu Toys Market

B Onliner — toys wholesaler & retailer who want to choose toys online

TonySourcing picks up good toys from 10,000 suppliers and makes catalogs online.

youtube toys show

TonySourcing picks up good toys from 10,000 suppliers and makes catalogs online.

Click our toys product & catalog page, choose any toys category you like to submit. we have 300+ premium toys showed in the category of each toy. In the catalog, we have uploaded the playing video on Youtube, so you can search the Youtube code in the catalog to view the video. Those are our future products like educational toys, DIY toys, amazon toys… in the future, we will keep update on new toys. 

If you are interested, you can subscribe to our youtube channel, so you will get info when new items come.


if you are a retailer for regular toys, you can visit our toys showing page. 

type your keyword(like “gun toys” “baby toys”) on the searching bar to get the toys option and then add it into the cart after submitting please let us know, and we will send you the quotation.

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TonySourcing online toys

C Sourcinger — Online(Amazon) seller who needs to sourcing customize/ special toys from the manufacturer.

if you still do not find out the toys you want, you can go to the bottom of this page, to fill-up the form to let us know what is your requirement after we check we will arrange sourcing for you. This is an exclusive sourcing service.

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How to arrange shipping & Import for toys container?

For toys item, because with big volume size, it normally ships by the sea with container or logistics line. (it ship by air/ express, the shipping cost will make your final buying price uncompetitive.)

Below is the full process: