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Case Study: How to Save 64% to Import Wholesale Toys China?

On June 10th 2019, German toy wholesaler MACH visited China’s Toy Market to import wholesale toys China, and with TonySourcing company help, ultimately, he saved 64% on the cost of his toys order.

Below is the full story.

MACH business background: MACH’s company located on an island of Germany, and he started his toy wholesale business 10 years prior. Previously, he always imported toys wholesale from the L.A wholesale market in the USA, as he said that buying from this market was easier and there was more quality guarantee, but this time, he tried something different.

How MACH find TonySourcing?

Search TonySourcing @google
Search TonySourcing @google

To research further, MACH Google searched, “buy toys wholesale from China” and found our website After browsing our toys service page, and checking the images we posted on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, he knew we could help him to get the right product.

Then, MACH added me to WhatsApp and started our 1st communication…


Jieyang(Shantou) Airport
Jieyang(Shantou) Airport

I told MACH the airport name, so he could book the flight ticket. In the meantime, I booked a comfortable hotel near the toy showroom for him.

On June 9th, MACH ‘s flight arrived at Shantou(Jieyang) airport. My driver picked them up from the airport to the hotel I booked, and we had a short face to face meeting. MACH told me he needed to have a rest day, as the long flight made them tired. So, it was better than we started on the 2nd day. That was OK, absolutely no problem! 🙂

Hotel Near Toys Market
Hotel Near Toys Market

1ST Office Meeting

On the morning of the second day, my driver picked up MACH and his sales manager and took them to our toy showroom. First, we just sat down in the meeting room to have a business talk, and I gave them a simple introduction to our company and Sourcing service.

China Toys Showroom
China Toys Showroom
Toys Meeting Room
Toys Meeting Room

“Hi, I am Tony, the founder of We help overseas buyers to buy a variety of toys wholesale from China factories/suppliers.”

“Welcome to China, we provide 2 services, the first one being the guide service, where we can guide you to the toys market/showroom to check your toys, do the translation, get a quotation, make the record, and finally send you the price list with all details. Then, if you decide to order, we provide our 2nd service, the one-stop follow order service, where we place orders to all suppliers, follow up with the orders, arrange with the warehouse to collect the goods, do the quality inspection, down pay payment to the supplier, then arrange shipment…”

If there are any questions about shipping, test report, we can give a quick answer at this meeting.

Start Checking Toy Samples

After the 15-minute meeting, we start to browse the showroom. Here we have over 4000+ suppliers and 100,000,000+ toy items. As MACH is experienced in toy wholesale, he can easily choose the item he wants.

We go with a scanner so that if MACH wants to the item price we scan the barcode at the bottom of the product. Then, if MACH feels the price is good we put the sample into the shopping cart.

Choosing toys
Choosing toys
Scanner check price
Scanner check price

After 5 hours, we finish browsing all toys and selecting the items we want, and in total there are three full shop carts. Those samples are all taken to the meeting room.

Toys sample selected
Toys sample selected

The samples are taken to the meeting room so that:

  1. The buyer can sit down, and easily double-check the items again.
  2. We can ask the toy manufacturers to come and discuss if we want to change the packaging, they can answer any questions about test reports like EN71, and of course, negotiate price if we have a bulk order.
Double Check toys sample
Double Check toys sample
Double Check toys sample
Double Check toys sample

The Most Important Thing

Then, I asked MACH “How do you find the pricing?”

MACH said, “The price is too good, and that’s with a package that is almost the same as I buy from the USA.”

I continually asked,“ How good for the price, could you give me more of an idea?”

MACH picks up the Transformer toy box behind him, and said, “This item here is priced at $18 USD, but the same one I can buy in the US for $50 USD. Both are the wholesale price.”


So, now the cost is lower than half the price. $18 USD / $50 USD= 36%, so this means this MACH visit will save 64% on cost.

MACH just double-checks the toy samples in the meeting and takes out some items he won’t order. For the remaining, he told me, which items I can order 3 cartons of, and which items I can order 5 cartons of. Then, we collect all the info to make an order Excel list for him to confirm.

There is More…

After I check the MACH order item, I found what he ordered were the items with nice package designs and high-quality.

So, I said to him, “How about I guide you to feature showroom to find the better quality items?”

(The feature showroom is a smaller showroom for 10-20 big factories. They have a series of packages with higher quantity toy requirements.)

“Sounds good, let’s go.”

“WOW, nice feature showroom!” MACH’s said on the first time entering the showroom.

Feature Showroom
kitchen play toys Showroom
Feature Showroom
car toys Showroom
Feature Showroom
play toys Showroom
Feature Showroom
table toys Showroom

That is true, feature showroom has more beautiful decorations, and each line of products has the same series of packaging. It looks professional.

Then we continued with the same process, pick the item you want, into the cart and then double-check in the meeting room.

More Showroom video view

Everything Done

MACH spent 3 days here and finally selected 200 items to fill containers.

toys order list
toys order list

All he needed to do was tell us the quantity he wanted of the item, and the specifics for the items, like every package, needs a CE mark and EN71 certification.

Then the following job is ours.

Product delivery time: 20 days + shipping time 30 days

Total: 50 days

Toy containers arrive at MACH customs and all he needed to do was ask a local forwarder to custom clear the whole container and transport it to his warehouse.

His hot sale season is coming.

If you have any questions about importing toys wholesale from China, please just leave a comment below, and we will reply soon.

Thanks for reading.

Tony Chen

Tony Chen, the founder of & He is Professional merchandiser in China since 2011, Now he have quote a lot of Professional knowledge for all kind of Toys and Promos item.

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