Where is plush toys wholesale market| stuffed animal wholesale distributor

Where is plush toys wholesale market| stuffed animal wholesale distributor

To find stuffed animal wholesale distributor, the best way it is to visit Yiwu Toys Market in China.

Here there is around 200+ shop supplly different plush toys, the manufacturers are from Anhui province, Yangzhou city, Dongyang city. (almost all factory from main plush toys industry place will have their sample room/booth in Yiwu Toys wholesale market.) so you can just visit one place to visit all different suppliers in China.

yiwu plush toys market

Recently, TonySourcing team guide one customer from Europe to visit this market to check sample.

below it is some info we will share

#1  20% plush item in market have stock. (can delivery at 2-3days)

#2  80% plush toys item order need around 20-30 days to delivery .

#3  it is possible just buy the plush toys cover, then fill the inner material when the goods arrive your warehouse.


Around 4 days, we help to collect 700 different plush toys item info.

all this 700 item it is good quality and super quality in the market.

the design is cat,  puppy, flog…(small animal design).


What are plush toys made of?

Modern plush are commonly manufactured from synthetic fibres such as polyester. One of the largest uses of this fabric is in the production of stuffed toys, with small plush toys made from plush fabric, such as teddy bears, to the point these are often addressed as “plush toys” or “plushes”.

Stuffed toys

How to find your stuffed Toys niche market?

So how can you target a niche market? It’s just a matter of making it more specific. for example ,Stuffed dogs are very popular because there are a lot of dog lovers out there. This is the reason why it’s often targeted by inventors of plush toys. But what a lot of people don’t realize is you can make them more specific. Instead of making a Labrador, why not make one for a Basenji? It’s still a dog but it’s more uncommon compared to the Labrador. You can be sure that there are already a lot of stuffed dogs patterned after a Labrador. But for a Basenji, I’m sure there’s only a few. There is a market for it, although it’s relatively smaller compared to the market of the more popular dogs, you have to consider that there is also very little competition. The market is actually waiting for someone to satisfy that need and if you can satisfy that with your plush toys, then it can be a win-win situation for you and your market.

You can also target a very specific audience geographically speaking. You can work on the area where you’re in. Offer your toys starting from the retail store nearest you. Then work your way from the inside out. Target a very small market first like your neighborhood and widen your market as the need arises. It’s easier to do that than to go head to head with toy companies that are popular with the whole nation. It’s easier to achieve success that way as well.

Labrador stuffed animal
basenji Stuffed animal


How is the MOQ(minimum order quantity) and Price in From stuffed animal wholesale distributor?

cheap soft toys

For keychain Plush Toys,

Price is around 0.4 USD/each,

MOQ=720 pcs mix color

wholesale stuffed animals

For 15cm plush toys,

Price is around  3.3 USD/each,

MOQ= 300pcs

wholesale plush animals

For 140cm big plush toys,

Price is around 13.5 USD/each,

MOQ=100 pcs

How is the packing ?

plush toys packing

2 Option:

#1  one pcs pack in one opp bag

#2  mass quantity in vacuum package

To Get 700 Item Quotation For FREE

plush toys quotation

We are happy to share this 700 plush toys item quotation,

please send Email to Tony@TonySourcing.com and we will send the Free download link for you.

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