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What is the Best place for Stationery wholesale? Where to find Stationery suppliers online.

When it comes to buying something cheap yet effective we all know that China is the best manufacturer of the wholesale market. Today this article will guide you to know about the global BIGGEST Stationery wholesale market. If you have plan to sourcing wholesale supplier, don’t forget to check the market first.

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#1 Where is the biggest stationery wholesale global?

This market is located in Yiwu City China. As know, Yiwu has the Various wholesale market, including stationery wholesale market.


Address: 2nd Floor, District 3, International Trade City, Yiwu, China,322000

Yiwu Stationery wholesale market

It opened in 2005, and it is already become the biggest Office Supplies and Stationery Market in global. This market has over 2500 suppliers for pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, pencil pouches, erasers, correction fluids, rulers, adhesive tapes, file folders, notepads, terrestrial globes, paper clips…


All kinds of stationery items you can very easily find from here. The various item and various designs are suitable for different markets to sell. For now, more and more new business starters like amazon sellers buy inventory from here.

#2 What items you can find from here?

Over 600 thousands of different stationery you can easily find from here, with a different package.

Below is some supplier photo:

caculator supplier
caculator supplier
correction fluids supplier
correction fluids supplier
folder supplier
folder supplier
notebook supplier
notebook supplier
terrestrial globes supplier
pencil supplier
pencil supplier
eraser supplier
eraser supplier
glue supplier
glue supplier
pencile case supplier
pencile case supplier
rulers suppliers
rulers suppliers

#3 How is the wholesale price and MOQ?

Below I will send you some examples for some regular items so you will have an idea.

Note book wholesale

A5 Notebook wholesale

Unit price=1 USD

caculator wholesale -2

Calculator wholesale

Unit price= 1.2USD MOQ =100pcs

pen wholesale

Pen Wholesale

Unit price=0.6USD MOQ=3000pcs

touch pen

Touch pen wholesale

Unit price=0.4USD MOQ=500pcs

Sticky Notes wholesale

Sticky Notes

Unit price=0.2USD MOQ=1,000pcs

Lipstick eraser wholesale

Lipstick eraser wholesale

Unit price = 0.25USD MOQ= 600pcs

color pen kid set

Unit price = 2.3USD MOQ= 64pcs

correction tape wholesale

correction tape wholesale

Unit price = 0.16USD MOQ= 1440pcs

#4 How to purchase online?

4.1 check with Yiwu market link

Most overseas buyer can not physical arrange to visit the Yiwu stationery wholesale market to check the sample can buy, you can check the Yiwu market official website to have a check: Yiwu Stationery wholesale website link

Various stationery wholesale
stationery Catalog

4.2 Check with TonySourcing stationery catalog

TonySourcing company local in Yiwu City, get updated info from the Yiwu market every week. To help overseas buyers easily import stationery wholesale items, they pick up 500 good suppliers from the stationery market and make a catalog, if you are interested, you can have a check over there.

Catalog entrance:

4.3 Book a Yiwu Stationery buying agent service with TonySourcing

TonySourcing provides a one-stop service to help you buy your item.

Sourcing stationery item, check with the supplier and send you a quotation, follow the order and collect, after do an inspection and ship it out to you. Then they just charge a 5-8% commission rate to make you buy the item from Yiwu at a cheaper price.


For Amazon seller, they can provide customize package, labeling and shipping to amazon service…



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