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    ITEM: NO 1011H



    Q1: Where can I get product & price information?
    A1: Send us an inquiry e-mail, we will contact you when we receive your email.
    Q2: How long can I get the sample?
    A2: Depending on your specific items, within 3-7 days is required generally.
    Q3: What kinds of information you need for a quote?
    A3: Kindly please provide the product item number, and would be better you can provide in rough order quantity.
    Q4: what are the payment terms?
    A4: We accept 30% as a payment deposit, when the goods are done, we take photos for your check and you then pay the balance. For small amounts, we accept Paypal, and a Paypal commission will be added to the order. For big amounts, T/T is preferred.
    Q5: How to deliver the goods?
    A5: We deliver the products by courier company.
    Q6: Can we get some samples before mass production?
    A7: Absolutely, we will deliver samples for confirmation after trying the new molds.
    Q7: Why buy from us instead of other suppliers?
    A6:  Sourcing directly from Chinese manufacturers saves up to 60% in costs, and handles everything through TonySourcing’s one-step service. Partner with the TonySourcing team for toy-buying knowledge and support.

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