Cake Stand


MSRP : $5.99

Our Price : $0.34



Product name
Birthday Cake Stand, Cupcake Stand, Paper Stand, Baking, Cardstock  Stands
Food grade cardboard and ink
Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White, Rainbow
30.8cm after assemble
Paper box, OPP bag
single or double or third layers
Lead time
8 – 10 days



The diameter of the upper plate is 16CM, the diameter of the middle plate is 21.5CM, and the diameter of the lower plate is 29CM

After combination, the overall height is about 30.8cm, and the whole set including packaging is about 0.325kg

The whole set of cake stand can hold about 8-10 cupcakes

Storage method:

They will change color or fade when they are exposed to strong light for a long time, it is recommended not to expose to direct sunlight, fluorescent lights or other strong light for a long time, please store in a cool, dry place.


Q1: Where can I get product & price information?
A1: Send us an inquiry e-mail, and we will contact you when we receive your email.

Q2: How long can I get the sample?
A2: Depending on your specific items, within 3-7 days is required generally.

Q3: What kinds of information do you need for a quote?
A3: Kindly please provide the product item number, and would be better if you can provide in rough order quantity.

Q4: what are the payment terms?
A4: We accept 30% as a payment deposit, when the goods are done, we take photos for your check and you then pay the balance. For small amounts, we accept Paypal, and a Paypal commission will be added to the order. For big amounts, T/T is preferred.

Q5: How to deliver the goods?
A5: We deliver the products by courier company.

Q6: Can we get some samples before mass production?
A6: Absolutely, we will deliver samples for confirmation after trying the new molds.

Q7: Why buy from us instead of other suppliers?
A7:  Sourcing directly from Chinese manufacturers saves up to 60% in costs, and handles everything through TonySourcing’s one-step service. Partner with the TonySourcing team for purchasing knowledge and support.