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    ITEM:. NO883H

    MSRP : $27.99

    Our Price : $8.44


    Set includes:

    1 * happy birthday banner (paired)

    1 * cake topper (bamboo stick + dot glue)

    24 * 12-inch latex balloons (8 white + 8 pink + 8 confetti)

    10 * cupcake toppers (bamboo sticks + dot glue)

    6 * spiral ornaments


    1. What types of birthday parties do you offer?

    We offer all kinds of themed parties include Dora The Explorer, Lol surprise, Pink panther, Princess, Peach Princess, Paw patrol, Bat man, Space,  Peppa Pig, Barbie, Tik tok, Coco melon, Baby shark, Lion King, Sofia the first, Winnie the Pooh even more….

    2. How much does a set cost?

    We have very different packages to fit every budget!  Can also assemble your own set according to your needs.

    2. What items are needed for a birthday party?

    • A birthday cake.
    • Party favors.
    • Food and beverage party supplies.
    • Invitations.
    • Signage.
    • Balloons.
    • Tables and chairs.

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