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Unveiling the Best Promotion Gift Wholesale Markets in Yiwu, China

Are you on the lookout for the ideal wholesale market to source your promotion gifts in China? Look no further than Yiwu, home to the largest promotion gift wholesale market!

As many buyers visit Yiwu’s wholesale market, the question of where to find promotion gifts frequently arises. The answer, however, is that promotion gift suppliers are spread across various areas within the Yiwu wholesale market.

Let’s explore each dedicated promotional gift area within the market:

1. Yiwu Stationary Market :

  • Over 2,000 suppliers offering pens, books, paper items, and office supplies.
  • Explore the promotional book and pen markets.
Yiwu stationary market
Yiwu eraser market

2. Yiwu Sunglasses Market :

  • 350 shops featuring classic, fashion, and party sunglasses.
  • Low MOQ; you can order as few as 100pcs for each design.
  • Delve into the promotional glasses and sunglasses markets.
Yiwu glasses market
Yiwu Sunglasses market

3. Yiwu Packing Material Market :

  • 150 suppliers specializing in promotional bags, shopping bags, and customized paper bags.
  • Discover the promotional gift bag and cooler bag markets.
Yiwu gift bag market
Yiwu shopping bag market

4. Yiwu Outdoor Goods Market :

  • Ideal for Amazon sellers and promotion companies.
  • 260 shops offering 24,000 different outdoor items, including lamps, camping gear, and air sofas.
  • Check out the promotional outdoor lamp and camping markets.
Yiwu outdoor goods market
Yiwu outdoor lamp market

5. Yiwu Cap/Hat Market :

  • 800 shops with over 100,000 cap designs that can be customized with your logo.
  • Explore the promotional imprint hat and hat markets.
Yiwu cap market
Yiwu hat market

6. Yiwu Craft Market :

  • 500 shops with a staggering 500,000 different crafts, all customizable with your logo.
  • Find glass table decorations, custom keyrings, imprint fridge magnets, and more.
  • Navigate through the promotional glass craft and fridge magnet markets.
Yiwu home decor market
Yiwu craft market

While Yiwu Market offers a diverse range of promotional gift items, it’s essential to note that MOQs can vary. For instance, if you’re interested in ceramic cups, ordering 200pcs is acceptable. However, if you want to add a logo, the MOQ may range from 1,000 to 2,000 pcs.

For those seeking lower MOQs and personalized service, consider collaborating with a local promotion item company. They can assist you in obtaining the lowest MOQs for your imprint items. Happy sourcing!

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