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Plush Toys in Bulk: Buy Low-Cost on Yanzhou WuTingLong Market

Where to buy plush toys in bulk?

When it comes to notable wholesale markets for plush toys in China, Yiwu Toy Market is often the first place that springs to mind for many buyers. While it’s true that Yiwu offers a fantastic selection of plush toys, it presents a significant challenge – high minimum order quantities that often range between 500 to 1000 pieces per product. This might pose a daunting hurdle for buyers just breaking into the toy business. So, where else might one find a variety of plush toys at pocket-friendly prices and without the burden of buying in bulk? Cue, Yanzhou WuTingLong Plush Wholesale Market.

How is the Plush/Stuffed Animal Wholesale Market(Yanzhou WuTingLong Market)

Yangzhou plush toys wholesale

Situated in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, WuTingLong International Toy Gift City (Yanzhou WutingLong Wholesale Market) has been a key player in the plush toy industry since its establishment in December 2003. It boasts an impressive footprint of 22,000 square meters with over 2,500 shops. Astoundingly, Yangzhou’s plush toy export volume accounts for a whooping 95% of the national total. It’s here that you will find an extensive assortment of plush toys, with both wholesale and retail options. Comprising of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, WuTingLong is your one-stop-shop for all your plush toy needs.

Where is Yanzhou WuTingLong Plush Wholesale Market?

PlushStuffed Toys Wholesale Market

Where to buy cheap stuffed animals in bulk?

  • 400km from Yiwu;
  • 289km from Shanghai;
  • 312km from Hangzhou;

the most convenient way to reach WuTingLong plush wholesale market is by high-speed train from Yiwu, Shanghai, or Hangzhou. After a quick 3 to 4-hour ride, you disembark at Yangzhou East Station and then take a 30-minute taxi ride to the market.

Price, Order Quantity, and the Perks of WuTingLong Market

Plush Toys in Bulk

If you’re questioning the price and quantity for plush toys in China, look no further. WuTingLong stuffed wholesale market is home to very affordable prices due to the presence of over 10,000 big and small toy factories within the city.

A standout feature here is ‘No Minimum Order Quantity.’ Whether you want to buy a single plush toy for your child or place a bulk order for your store, WuTingLong has got you covered.

This market has manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. This means if you want to buy just 1 piece, you can find a retailer in the market. If you’re looking to buy between 20 to 200 pieces, then you should look for a wholesaler. And, if your order is between 200 to 500 pieces, then you should reach out to a manufacturer.


Next, I will attach a price table from one of the suppliers for your reference.

How to Buy Plush Toys in Bulk

Yangzhou plush toys supplier
Purchasing plush toys from WuTingLong can be achieved through two means:
  1. With a plan to visit China and the market, you may need a market guide for assistance in reaching the market, translation services, and guidance on how to find the right suppliers. They will handle the ordering procedure, payment, goods receive, check quality, and arrange logistics on your behalf.
  2. If you don’t plan to visit China and prefer online shopping, you can contact TonySourcing. They will help you to find suppliers according to your product needs and facilitate remote connection with different suppliers.


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