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stop buying from Alibaba, buy directly from China manufactuer

Stop Buying from Alibaba, Directly Purchase from Toy Manufacturers

Today’s tale centers around an Amazon seller from the USA, named Han.


Meet Han, the Seasoned Amazon Seller.

Han is an accomplished Amazon seller who has efficiently managed his Amazon account for over a decade, consistently maintaining top sales for toys. He has always bought his toys directly from Chinese toy suppliers, contacting them via Alibaba, a practice familiar to many who purchase toys from Alibaba to sell on Amazon. However, Han began noticing a few troubling issues:

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  • Han faced difficulty getting good suggestions from Alibaba suppliers whenever he wanted to alter the molds to enhance product quality, as his products on Amazon frequently received negative reviews.
  • When he sought fresh product ideas, Alibaba suppliers couldn’t provide the most competitive concept products.
  • Han noticed hot-selling products by other competitors on Amazon. However, upon inquiring about similar products from Alibaba suppliers, he was told the products had been “protected” – purchased in significant quantities by his competitors, thereby barring other buyers from procuring them.

Engage with TonySourcing

Confronted with these issues, Han conducted a Google search to find a new Chinese toy supplier and came upon TonySourcing. On February 4, 2024, Han reached out to us via WeChat and provided us with his brief outline. The first impression we had of Han was that he was seeking the highest quality toys for business on Amazon.

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Han on March 26 shared a product image with us and asked us to source a toy manufacturer’s quotation. When he saw the price we offered for the first time, he was satisfied with the quotation, requesting a change in the toy color. Concurrently, he asked us to ship the sample to his office to assess the quality.

On April 24, Han informed us he would be visiting China to attend the Canton fair and wanted to sample our products. His planned itinerary was to attend the Canton fair first, visit a factory next, and then get in touch with us.


We finally met Han on May 3; he had already toured the Canton fair the previous day and visited a toy manufacturer that morning before he made the time for us in the afternoon. As per our first agenda, we broke out our presentation to introduce Han to the realities of Chinese toy manufacturers and our in-house services.

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Here’s the main content of the presentation:

Shantou is home to over 5,000 toy production factories, with 70% of the world’s toys originating from here.Each factory has over 100 styles of toys displayed in the showroom for customers to browse.

Alibaba suppliers generally collect product information from these toy showrooms and then act as traders to sell these products on Alibaba. Their profit-making model is quite straightforward – they add a mark-up to the factory price and sell globally.TonySourcing can help you connect directly with these toy manufacturers. Whether it’s modifying color, packaging, design, or any other aspects of the products, TonySourcing can help you to process these changes quickly. Furthermore, TonySourcing only charges a small service fee, thus reducing your ultimate purchasing costs.

Han Visiting Sample Room Video :

Alternative Toys Option

Once the presentation was over, Han seemed genuinely engaged and geared up with an anticipation. Promptly, we began touring the toy showroom, housing 5,000+ factories.During the tour, Han spent a significant amount of time at one factory display. This was the same factory he had visited earlier that morning. It had presence at the showroom and even participated at the Canton fair. However, Han also shared that he has been dealing with them for a while, but the persistent poor reviews on Amazon were a concern.

This time, the primary purpose of Han’s factory visit was to negotiate improving the quality of toys by making changes to the mold production. But at the factory, Han discovered that they outsourced product design and mold development to a third-party, leading to no effective solution.


Han was perplexed. I reassured him, suggesting we meticulously inspect all products in the showroom first to ascertain which toys each factory produced. Eventually, we identified three similar-quality alternatives for Han to consider. Thus, birthing a solution to one of his significant concerns.

Creating Future Toys

During the trip, we located another key RC car product manufacturer along with samples. But, according to his Alibaba supplier, Han was unable to procure this product as another Amazon seller had already “protected” it by purchasing in large quantities. The solution? We proposed changing the color and base of the toy to enable its supply to Han, to which the factory owner agreed enthusiastically after we presented Han’s Amazon store and sales experience. As a result, Han can now bypass the middleman fees of his Alibaba supplier by dealing directly with the factory.

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Generating More Business Ideas

Han was more than pleased; his two major concerns were addressed. But most importantly, during the three-day tour, we guided Han through six showrooms, exploring products from over 10,000 factories, and picking out 20 competitive products to potentially increase his sales. For Han, this trip was a resounding success, equipping him with an influx of business ideas to boost his future performance on Amazon.

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About TonySourcing

TonySourcing team

TonySourcing offers an all-in-one toy business service, including business trip arrangements, hotel and airport transfers, sourcing and negotiation with toy manufacturers, purchasing, product inspection, and transportation. If you, like Han, are an Amazon seller looking for more efficient sourcing and exclusive toys, consider embarking on a Toys Showroom Trip with TonySourcing – it’ll prove to be immensely fruitful!

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