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TonySourcing Launches All-In-One Supply Service For Toy Wholesalers

TonySourcing has again reiterated their goal of helping toy wholesalers in different parts of the world get the best buying and selling experience with the launch of an all-inclusive toy sourcing service, TonySourcing AMAZON TOYS PROJECT (TATP), for Amazon toy sellers. The newly launched service will provide toy wholesalers with a plethora of premium quality toys at relatively affordable rates, helping wholesalers to meet the diverse needs of their customers while improving their sales and profits.

“More and more amazon toys seller hope to get one-stop services like right toys supply, labeling, testing support, and FBA shipping, then we are here to help import toys from China!” Tony Chen– CEO of TonySourcing said.

The global toy market has continued to grow over the years due to increasing demand from parents worldwide. The case is not particularly different in the United States, with a recent report estimating toy sales in the country to have hit US$13.7 billion in the first three quarters of 2020. The figures can be largely attributed to changing consumer behavior associated with lockdowns and school closures. The recently launched service by the TonySourcing team aims to get more quality toys to consumers by helping wholesalers have access to as many varieties of toys as possible.

TonySourcing AMAZON TOYS PROJECT (TATP) was launched after the company received several toys idea of amazon seller requirement online. The sourcing process adheres strictly to the quality control requirements as issued by Amazon as well as the package and label standards. The company also employs the expertise of a professional lab to certify that the products are ASTM F963 & CPC compliant before shipping them to Amazon FBA directly.

The one-stop toys wholesale supply allows sellers to leverage TonySourcing’s vast inventory and connection, giving them access to over 5,000 toy factories in China and millions of toys, including brand name educational toys, toy cars, crafts, toys for babies, kitchen toys, sports toys, dinosaurs, and a host of others.

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About TonySourcing

TonySourcing is a leading sourcing company that supplies all varieties of toys and gift items to buyers across the globe. The company has offices in Yiwu and Shantou, China, with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of toy importers, wholesalers, retailers, as well as online Toys businesses.

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Tony Chen, the founder of & He is Professional merchandiser in China since 2011, Now he have quote a lot of Professional knowledge for all kind of Toys and Promos item.

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