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Cheap LEGO Alternatives: 9 Bricks Brands Importer Should Know

In the toy industry world, LEGO is a well-known brand, beloved for several generations. But as an importer, considering alternatives Building Brick brands can open doors for new opportunities, sometimes offering more affordable prices or unique features. Here are 9 chaep LEGO alternative brands that are worth your attention.

Let’s dive into the world of building block toy brands that you might not have heard of, but trust me, they are worth your attention due to their outstanding quality and minimalistic designs. These brands might not be well-known outside their home market due to their low-profile advertising strategies, yet their enticing prices, and superb products, unquestionably make them a great sourcing option.

#1 Great Friend Bricks

Great friend logo

Great Friend bricks toys hold several certificates including CPC, CPSIA/HR4040, ASTM F963, COC, REACH-7P-8P-10P, EN71, and CPC. Their primary products include building block sets inspired by Transformers and construction vehicles. They have their own factory and design department.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 0.5-1.8 USD/Unit

MOQ: 96-136 pcs

great friend bricks design
great friend flower bricks

#2 Mindbox

Mindbox bricks toys primarily produce building block toys with fewer pieces, The hallmark of their products is simple assembly and affordable prices. Different styles of blocks can be combined to form larger-volume constructs. Their high playability is warmly received in the current market. They also offer the trending and highly-popular blind box packaging.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 0.5-0.6 USD/Unit

MOQ: 400-600 pcs

capsule building bricks
building brick in display

#3 Zhuoma

zhuama bricks logo
Zhuama Bricks is a remarkably innovative building block brand. Their coolest style is their floral series. They have over 100 different potted plant designs, equating to the diversity of real flower varieties. It’s a perfect blend of nature and imagination brought to life through these unique building blocks.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 4-5 USD/Unit

MOQ: 100-150 pcs

flower building bricks
building brick flower design

#4 Ma Bricks

Ma Bricks
Ma Bricks specializes in the design and production of figure-style building blocks. These products are suitable for adults and offer high durability for extended use. The intriguing designs provide a unique, nuanced building experience that appeals to mature players, demonstrating that building blocks aren’t just for children but can also be appreciated by adults as a relaxing hobby or a displayable work of art.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 3.2-5.2 USD/Unit

MOQ: 100-120 pcs

TheAmazingDigitalCircus building bricks
figure builidng bricks

#5 Cute Koala Brick Toys

cute koala logo
Cute Koala Brick Toys focuses on building block toys for girls, with their products including fashion accessories like hair ornaments and glasses. Their product designs are simple yet creative, and most importantly, very affordable. They are perfect for those seeking an innovative and budget-friendly option in the world of girls’ building block toys.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 0.3-0.5 USD/Unit

MOQ: 200-400pcs

jewelry building brick
fashion accessories building brick

#6 HSANHE Brick Toys

HSANHE brick logo
Hsanhe is indeed notable for producing a diverse range of building block toys spanning all price points, from affordable options to premium collections, but one series that really stands out is their race car collection.

Their race car building sets showcase stunning visual appeal that captures the essence and thrill of high-speed motor sports. These sets combine clever designs with vibrant color schemes, creating realistic and detailed models of race cars that appeal to both young collectors and generation-WHO enthusiasts.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 15-20 USD/Unit

MOQ: 20-30pcs

jeep building bricks
race car building brick

#7 BZJM Brick Toys

BZJM bricks
BZJM Brick Toys brings a focus to multi-in-one building block sets, offering engineering and military series. These sets allow children to explore various careers and scenarios, inspiring their imagination and creativity. Whether building a construction site or setting up a military base, kids can enjoy endless fun and learning experiences with BZJM Brick Toys.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 5-6 USD/Unit

MOQ: 40-80 pcs

construct building bricks
ship building bricks

#8 Dr.Star Bricks

Dr Star Building brick
Dr. Star Bricks offers more than just building block toys – their products double as music box toys. With their bright color palette, generous and adorable designs, these unique toys have captured the hearts of younger demographics on the market. These novelty music box building blocks provide a sense of nostalgia and whimsy, making them not only fun to play with but also great additions to any toy collection.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 3.5-5 USD/Unit

MOQ: 20-40 pcs

moonwalk building bricks
Romantic building bricks

#9 Kee Yee Go Bricks

Kee yee Go
Kee Yee Go Brick Toys integrates building block toys with remote control play, allowing players to engage in programming and remote control commands after assembling the blocks. This innovative fusion of toy genres has become a much-loved category among youth toys due to its ability to stimulate creativity, problem-solving skills, and interactive play. The experience of building, coding, and controlling offers a multidimensional play experience that’s hard to beat.

Manufacturer Wholesale Price: 10-15 USD/Unit

MOQ: 20-40 pcs

RC builidng bricks
remote Control building bricks
Absolutely! While TonySourcing has identified key building block suppliers, it’s important to note China is home to 200+ different building block brands who provide a variety of innovative toys. TonySourcing is in deep collaboration with these manufacturers and can assist with sourcing needs.


So, if you’re a wholesaler or importer seeking trendy and cost-effective options for building block toy styles, please don’t hesitate to reach out. TonySourcing specializes in providing industry insights and negotiation advantages to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.


Building blocks toys are not just about stacking pieces together. They’re about fostering imagination and strategic thinking in children of all ages. TonySourcing offers versatile solutions tailored to your diverse needs. Big or small, single-themed or wide-ranging, there’s a supplier for every type of building block toy you could need, and TonySourcing connects you with them.

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