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Design and Create Your Own Block Toys

building blocks for kids — How Toys Manufacturer Design and Create it?

How to make Lego/ building blocks for kids?

In toys Market now have quite a lot of company develop their Block Toys,the biggest it is LEGO Company,then have SLUBAN,KAZI,WG,GUDI…..those block company are growing up quite fast those year.

#1 Check what block Toys mould have?


These it is Total over 1000+ different design block From toys maunfacturer,

but only 100-200 molds to be in common use.

just have a quick browse the common use block first.

#2  imagination


have a plan of what “toys”you want to create ? for example ,you want to build a bird .

you can download any bird picture from any Website,

and them, thinking process it into “abstract”.and you should know what color for this “bird” have.

now in your idea,an “abstract bird map “built!

block toys -1
block toys -2
block toys -3

#3 Block Toys design sofeware to help building blocks for kids

you can download a block CAD builder tool in

this tool just 900KB, very fast to run in your computer.

in this software,you can use any kind of block, select any color and select any angle to build it.

easy and fast!


block builder

tonysourcing building block

#4 Toys factory/manufacturer check material can give quotation

No matter you are block toys wholesaler, or you are gift toys distributor.

or you have a promotion event and need some block set, you just send this block design to block factory /manufacturer, they can easy quote the manufacturer price for you.

(e.g if 1set = 30 pcs,the unit price = around 0.2 USD )

good way to do promotion.

behind TonySourcing, there is over 5000 toys manufacturer including 200+ biliding blocks toys manufacturer.

Tony Chen

Tony Chen, the founder of & He is Professional merchandiser in China since 2011, Now he have quote a lot of Professional knowledge for all kind of Toys and Promos item.

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