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9+ Wholesale Sourcing Websites

9+ Best Chinese Wholesale Sourcing Websites online

The global COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the rise of ecommerce. Did you know that ecommerce sales now make up over 35% of total retail sales?

Many ecommerce companies source the products they sell from China. You probably know of the biggest names like AliBaba and AliExpress. But there is more to it. Let’s see what other Chinese wholesalers Online there are. We have gathered information on the 10 biggest wholesale companies and compare them based on the following criteria:

ecommerce sales
  1. Who are the suppliers?
  2. How do you contact suppliers?
  3. What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?
  4. How do you pay for your order?
  5. What shipping methods are there?
  6. Pros and cons of the platforms

Searching for the right supplier is an adventure. You have to cut through a thick jungle of wholesalers to find the right one. But listen up: We’re here to clear the path for you. Our list ensures that you’ll make the best decision when it comes to the wholesale website you’re going to use. Let’s start with the biggest name on the block.


Alibaba is the biggest wholesale website in the world. Starting off in 1999, it has quickly risen to the top of the list. Alibaba is used by Millions of people in over 200 countries. You can find nearly everything in the wholesaler’s 40 product categories.


1.1 Who are the suppliers?

You can basically divide suppliers into two groups on Alibaba. There are trading companies and China manufacturers. Trading companies do not produce goods themselves. They just own and store them to sell them to their customers. Manufacturers produce goods but rarely sell them directly to customers. The following table shows you the pros and cons of each type:

alibaba website
 Trading companiesManufactures

Lower minimum order quantities (MOQs)

High variety of products

Lower Prices

More control over the customization of products


Higher prices

Less control over the customization of products

Higher MOQs

Fewer offered products

1.2 How do you contact suppliers?

You can either use the “Contact Supplier” button or reach out to the supplier via the “Chat Now” button if you want a quicker response. Many suppliers also have their contact information on their listings. You can reach out to them via email, phone or WeChat.

alibaba contact supplier

1.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Minimum order quantities can range between 1 and 500 pieces. Each trade company or manufacturer has different policies when it comes to this. Keep in mind that higher MOQs often also result in a better price per product.

1.4 How do you pay for your order?

Alibaba offers buyers and suppliers “Trade Assurance”. You can safely pay through Alibaba via credit card, Western Union or PayPal. Again, it also depends on what suppliers accept as payment methods.

1.5 What shipping methods are there?

Reach out to suppliers and they’re quick to provide you with their individual shipping plans. Alibaba also has its own “Ocean Shipping Service” for exports from China to the US.

alibaba shipment

1.6 Pros and cons of the platforms:

The pros: You can find almost any product there is on Alibaba. It is a well-established platform with thousands of reliable suppliers. The wholesale platform offers good protection for buyers and sellers alike.

The cons: One of its biggest advantages is also one of its biggest weaknesses. There are literally thousands of suppliers. Not all of them are good. It can be quite difficult to sift through hundreds of listings to find the right supplier for you. Especially, if you have no previous experience dealing with the platform.( Article: 9 business tips when SOURCING product from China suppliers )


AliExpress is part of the Alibaba group and basically a more nimble version of Alibaba. The chinese wholesale website offers products with MOQs of only one piece. It is more of a business-to-customer-website than a business-to-business website. Many ecommerce businesses use AliExpress for dropshipping.


2.1 Who are the suppliers?

On AliExpress, you can again divide between trading companies and manufacturers. However, bigger manufacturers often don’t sell their products on AliExpress due to the low MOQs usually offered on the Chinese wholesale website. Many suppliers on AliExpress actually buy from said manufacturers to resell their products.

2.2 How do you contact suppliers?

You will find a “Contact Seller” button on all listings. You can then reach out to suppliers through the chat of AliExpress. Alternatively, you can also contact suppliers directly if they list any contact information.

2.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Suppliers on AliExpress don’t have minimum order quantities. You can buy every product in any quantity. That is especially useful when you’re searching for high quality products. Simply order a single product, test its quality and then decide whether you want to work with the supplier of the product.

2.4 How do you pay for your order?

AliExpress allows you to pay via credit card (Mastercard and Visacard), WesternUnion, WebMoney or bank transfer.

Aliexpress payment

2.5 What shipping methods are there?

Shipping methods can vary depending on your location and order quantity. Simply choose your product, its quantity and the shipping destination. AliExpress will then offer you all possible shipping options for your situation. Costs, delivery time and tracking will be different in each case.

2.6 Pros and cons of the platforms

A big advantage of AliExpress is the absence of any MOQs. You want a single product? You get a single product. That is not only good for personal use but especially for dropshippers who only want to focus on the marketing side of things. Get customers to buy the product and AliExpress handles the rest.

There is a catch to this, however. Shipping times can be quite long. They can range from a few days up to several weeks.

In saying that, AliExpress has a growing number of wholesale suppliers based in the UK or with warehouses in the UK, as well as other countries such as the United States, Spain and Germany. You can filter the search results by ‘shipping location’ to find items that will be delivered from local warehouses.

#3 is one of Alibaba’s closest competitors. The website was established in 2004 and has risen to become one of the top 1,000 visited websites in the world. There are over 30 million products offered on The website also has its own US-based distribution centres. Dhgate offers you the ability to reach out to big manufacturers as well as the possibility to order products without a MOQ.


3.1 Who are the suppliers?

You mostly find small to mid sized manufacturers and trading companies on dhgate.

3.2 How do you contact suppliers?

Product listings lead you to the page of each supplier via the “Go to store” button. You can then contact suppliers via dhgate’s online chat feature to talk to someone immediately. You can also reach out to them via direct messages.

3.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)? combines the best of both worlds. There are suppliers just like on where you can order single products. At the same time, there are suppliers centred around large-scale ecommerce like on

3.4 How do you pay for your order? offers you the usual payment methods: credit card, bank transfer and several others. Just like Alibaba and AliExpress. But wait, there is more. Dhgate also lets you pay via PayPal – that is something which AliExpress doesn’t offer.

3.5 What shipping methods are there?

Shipping methods come in all shapes and sizes on Choose your courier by comparing delivery time, costs and tracking options.


3.6 Pros and cons of the platforms

Dhgate has suppliers with no MOQs. It’s also a website that is reputable and has a long track record. Perfect conditions for companies just starting out in ecommerce.

Another great benefit of the wholesale website? It lets you compare products of different suppliers side by side.

There is a disadvantage, however. Shipping can cost you some nerves. Keep a close eye on the tracking of your package as it sometimes happens that packages get lost on their way to you. You’ll then have to apply for a refund which can be a stressful task.


In a nutshell, is a upscale version of Alibaba and AliExpress. The wholesale website nurtures solid business relationships with China’s top suppliers. Here, you’ll find high quality products from high quality manufacturers.

Made in China

4.1 Who are the suppliers?

Most suppliers you’ll meet on the website are large-scale manufacturers.

4.2 How do you contact suppliers? lets you contact suppliers directly on their product listings. In a rush? The website also offers a “Chat now” feature to immediately talk to someone on the other side.

4.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Large-scale manufacturers often require high MOQs to get the ball rolling. Reach out to suppliers and see what they can do for you.

4.4 How do you pay for your order?

Payment methods can vary from supplier to supplier. Most accept WesternUnion, Paypal and sometimes L/C, T/T and D/P for larger orders.

Made in China payment

4.5 What shipping methods are there?

Choose whatever suits you best. Compare the conditions of each courier and get your goods via air, sea or express delivery.

4.6 Pros and cons of the platforms

The wholesale only offers you access to large high quality manufacturers. There is a flipside to this pro, though.

Most manufacturers don’t offer low MOQs which are suitable for startup or smaller companies.


This website offers you a variety of high quality wholesalers and connects Chinese suppliers with international customers. You can compare it to the previous website on our list. Quality over quantity, large scale over small scale.

Global Sources

5.1 Who are the suppliers?


You can find large scale trading companies and manufacturers on Global Sources.

5.2 How do you contact suppliers?

You can message suppliers through your inbox or via a live chat. 

Global Sources contact supplier

5.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Minimum order quantities are again up to the choices of each supplier. That means that they can differ a lot. It’s always best to reach out to suppliers to get to know their requirements when it comes to order quantities.

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5.4 How do you pay for your order?

5.5 Pros and cons of the platforms has high quality suppliers on its platform. There are rarely any misses. This barrier for entry is also quite high for buyers, however. You’ll need a large budget to do business with most manufacturers on the website.


Chinagoods is a website that is developed by Yiwu China Commodities City – the biggest small commodities market in the world. On this website you’ll mostly find small trade companies and manufacturers.


6.1 Who are the suppliers?

Most suppliers on the wholesale platform are micro enterprises and small companies.

6.2 How do you contact suppliers?

You can either contact suppliers via the “Send Inquiry” feature on a listing, talk to them directly via “Chat Now” or contact them via phone or email if they provide their addresses.


6.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

MOQs depend on the type of product and supplier you choose. The minimum order quantity can be one or it can be a thousand.

6.4 How do you pay for your order? is not a platform where you can place direct orders like on AliExpress, for example. Use it to get to know suppliers from the Yiwu market with which you can do business later on.

6.5 What shipping methods are there?

Since you can’t order directly from the website, there are also no listed shipping methods. Contact suppliers to learn about their individual shipping options. In this way, it is better you have a Yiwu Buying Agent.

6.6 Pros and cons of the platforms

Chinagoods is a great website if you want to inform yourself and get to know different manufacturers and trade companies. You’ll get comprehensive information to make good decisions later on. It’s a great way to get in touch with suppliers.

The disadvantage of the platform is quite obvious: compared to all other listed websites, you can’t order directly through


Chinabrands is a good pick if you’re looking into expanding your dropshipping business. It’s very much like AliExpress and has solid integrations with mainstream ecommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay or Shopify.


7.1 Who are the suppliers?

The website gives you access to suppliers of all sorts and sizes.

7.2 How do you contact suppliers?

Chinabrands is another page where you’re unable to contact suppliers via direct messages.

7.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

MOQs can be as little as one or higher. Don’t shy away from reaching out to suppliers to negotiate about specific MOQs.

7.4 How do you pay for your order?

Suppliers accept payments via wire transfer, PayPal or CB Wallet.

7.5 What shipping methods are there?

Shipping conditions again depend on the supplier. You’ll get your goods via air, sea or express.

7.6 Pros and cons of the platforms

Chinabrands is a website that offers very well written descriptions and easy to understand categories. You can see that suppliers really cater to international customers.

There are some minor disadvantages of this platform. Our experience shows that customer support is usually quite slow. There are also missing features which you find on every other Chinese wholesale website.


Chinavasion is a website that focuses on electronic gadgets. Looking for anything tech related? If so, then this is the place where you want to be.


8.1 Who are the suppliers?

Suppliers on can be trading companies and manufacturers. It is sometimes quite hard to spot what a supplier actually is.

8.2 How do you contact suppliers?

You can’t directly contact suppliers on this site.

8.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Since the website also focuses more on B2C there are no MOQs.


8.4 How do you pay for your order?

You can pay via PayPal or credit card.


8.5 What shipping methods are there?

Chinavasion offers you all kinds of express shipping. Choose between DHL, FedEx, UPS or EMS.


8.6 Pros and cons of the platforms


This website is another example for a great end consumer site. There are no MOQs and you can rest assured that everything will be fulfilled.

If you’re a business looking to source from new suppliers, this site isn’t your best pick. You can’t directly contact suppliers or order very large quantities.


YiwuGo is a platform that is very localized on the side of suppliers. Most companies who offer their products on are part of the Yiwu International Trade Market.


9.1 Who are the suppliers?

On you’ll most often find Yiwu-based manufacturers who produce products in their own factories.

9.2 How do you contact suppliers? offers you many options to reach out to suppliers. You can contact them through the website’s messaging system or via phone. Most manufacturers also list their addresses on the platform so that you can actually visit them.

9.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Most manufacturers display their MOQs on the product listings.

9.4 How do you pay for your order?

Reach out to manufacturers to agree upon a specific payment method. You should look for something that is convenient and secure for you and the supplier.


9.5 What shipping methods are there?

There are many different shipping methods depending on each manufacturer. Most offer you the most common courier services.


9.6 Pros and cons of the platforms


You can find many manufacturers that really know what they’re doing. Looking for a very specific product? They can probably manufacture it for you.

Experience shows us that these manufacturers can sometimes really take their time to reply. That’s not something you need when you’re starting out and looking to launch your products as quickly as possible.

For this you may need a yiwu local buying agent to arrange sourcing, buying, quality control and arrange shipping for you.

#10 is a website that offers goods at lower prices compared to their competitors. The Chinese wholesale platform has just recently begun to add more and more products categories to their website.


10.1 Who are the suppliers?

You can find any kind of supplier on Trading companies and manufacturers in all shapes and sizes.

10.2 How do you contact suppliers?

Sadly, you can’t directly reach out to buyers on


10.3 What are their minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Banggood has a different take on MOQs. You don’t have to order for a certain amount of pieces but for a certain minimum price.

10.4 How do you pay for your order?

You can pay for your products in multiple ways. The website offers you the following payment options: WebMoney, PayPal, Boleto or credit card.


10.5 What shipping methods are there?

On, you can decide on your shipping method based on budget and time. If you need to get your goods quick, you can go with Banggood Express. If you’re a little bit tight on budget but have more time, you can go with standard shipping.


10.6 Pros and cons of the platforms

Delivery on is quick. US customers can get their products delivered within 7 days. Deliveries are further protected by a guarantee which lasts 3 days. Do you have any problems with the products? Simply send them back and you’ll be protected by’s guarantee.

This guarantee is there for a reason, however. You can sometimes stumble upon low quality suppliers on

It is also hard to reach out to suppliers as the website doesn’t offer you a feature to contact them directly.

Now, which website is the best pick for you?


As you can see, there are many Chinese wholesale websites. Each one of them comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. Picking the right one and then finding the best supplier can be quite difficult. That especially rings true if you’re not experienced in the field and just starting out. You have to keep many things in mind and be wary of certain aspects. That is another burden you have to face when you’re just getting your business off the ground.


Don’t worry!


Tonysourcing is here to help. Let us take you by the hand and guide you to your perfect suppliers. (Check TonySourcing Service)We have many years of experience when it comes to dealing with and finding the right suppliers. We know that hoping to find a good manufacturer is not a valid strategy. Contact us today so that we can get the ball rolling!


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