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How To Wholesale DIY Crystal Slime from China?

Crystal slime is very popular and hot sale all over the world recently.

Why this item sells so well?

#1 Safe and fun

#2 safe material, looks like jelly, easy modeling

#3 No contain industrial borax

#4 Great stress reliever for adults and children

crystal slime



How to play crystal slime?

diy crystal slime

crystal slime1diy crystal slime2


How to choose the good quality of crystal slime?

1) The material is non-toxic, safe and have the test report

2) Good soft stretch and can be blew bubbles

3) No fade color

4) No irritation

5) No peculiar smell

6) Pure color

7) No stick hand

crystal slime2



Where is the best place to wholesale Crystal Slime from China?

As we know, China is the largest toy manufacturer and exporter all over the world. There are several cities are famous for toy wholesale in China. Among them, Shantou Toys Market is the largest market which is famous for PLASTIC material/ ELECTRONIC Toys.

Besides, Yiwu Toys Market is famous for INFLATING toys/FABRIC PLUSH Toys.

In general, if you want to wholesale Crystal Slime, Yiwu toys market is the best choice. There are a lot of suppliers you can choose and the price is the most advantageous.



1) Not suitable for kids under 3 years old

2) No eating.


crystal slime3

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